Who’s Irene?

Irene is a professional daydreamer; she has been known to take planes, trains and automobiles all in the name of That. Perfect. Vintage. Dress. It’s the history, you see – you just never know the tales that garment has to tell (not that she every actually finds out but she likes to imagine).

Work-wise, she can been found doing her thing on RTE Today with Maura and Daithi, Virgin Media’s Xpose (RIP) and Ireland AM. In print she – her work – has been featured in The Irish Examiner, Irish Times, Irish Independent, Daily Mail, The Star, Prudence Magazine, Xpose Magazine, Date Magazine, and Queens of Vintage; she has chatted far too quickly on Today FM, 2FM, Radio 1 and Newstalk.

She also chats style, life, sustainability and vintage, as well as encouraging attendees to #wearyourbloodyclothes, at events all around the country.

In her downtime, she drinks green tea, listens to Dolly Parton (the icon), walks Dolly Parton (her dog) and takes road-trips in her beloved ageing VW Clipper.

She now also has a son who eats into some of that time. He’s called Arthur, although she did spend the first few weeks of his life calling him by the aforementioned icon/ dog’s name (as well as ‘your man’).

She often wonders why people write bios in the third person and she feels like a complete tit doing it herself.

Email greetings@irene.ie

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