The Closet Project: Day 8

The world’s quickest blog post goes something like this… Currently in Cork. For work, not pleasure (although I love my work!). No time to Vintage shop but shall be back soon. Journey down took about four hours and it felt like Armageddon. Weather making me less jealous of all those Picnic-bound. Ate a savage seafood chowder […]


The Closet Project: Days 6 & 7

‘Bout ya? Hope your weekend was as fun as mine. I spent Saturday getting to know the pubs of Belfast (much improved since my Cooperation North trip in 1995 – more cooperation) and Sunday recovering at a BBQ which required six barbecue ovens to provide the most amazing lamb I ever did taste. Is there […]


The Closet Project: Day 5

Helloooo Friday! Being self-employed, it’s easy for your week and weekend to merge into one but this evening was the first night without plans in forever and I can’t get enough of it! Ok so I’m on my computer working but I’m doing so in pyjamas, with my feet up whilst consuming my fifth green […]

Girl Power

The Closet Project: Day 4

It was all Girl Power! around these parts today. From producers to presenters, panellists to event managers, style assistants to models, marketeers to retailers and a whole host of pals that I couldn’t possibly begin crediting by their professions (no, really – twenty-plus years of friendship and I’d be hard pushed to tell you one […]

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