Vintage gang

Perfectly Imperfect Posses

All this talk of girl squads has everyone reaching for their ‘goals’ hashtag, frantically pursuing the type of affection only TayTay + Co. can offer, i.e. the blingy, mutual (public) appreciation, big-upping girl love that to be truly expressed must only happen on Instagram / Snapchat / E! News – all the glossy stuff, none […]

Sisters 2

Alice! Alice! Who the…

One of my most vivid childhood memories is, along with my older sister, running up the otherwise unusually empty lane that stretched from our school gate to the park road. One eye was on the multiple eyes peering out the class windows, visibly wondering why we were escaping early. My stomach was knotted with a […]

Vintage Bride and Groom


This day two weeks ago I married my Special Gentleman. I floated through a day so magnificent that I have thought about it every day since and wished we could do it all again. But then, if we did, perhaps it wouldn’t be the same magical, perfect-for-us day that it was? So no, instead I […]

School Milk

What’s In A Face?

When I was a young girl, my best friend came in the form of a previous enemy.  A fellow redhead, we spent the first of our infant academic years suspicious of, and disdainful toward , each other. In retrospect, we probably thought the sea of tanned blondes that made up our juvenile south Dublin classroom […]

Irene O'Brien Vintage stylist

Vintage Musings: Leona O’Sullivan Breen

Ah Leona O’Sullivan Breen, is there a more perfect contradiction in all the land? A thoroughly modern life lived in the most nostalgic of manners. I first met this Vintage-donned, red-lipstick-rocking ball of beautiful energy in a Cork pub a few years back. The rendezvous was prearranged (as far as I know neither of us […]


Skype, Sons and Sausage

Today I have been contemplating technology. That collection of robot-powered tools that have become ubiquitous in modern life. The machinery that fuels our work and play life in both small and massive ways. The word that comes with a warning of social collapse, relationship destruction and the demise of the beautiful written word.

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