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Vintage Musings: Emer // Irish Fashaholic

‘Who Run The World? Who Run The World? Who run this Mutha …?’ So asks Beyonce, quite insistantly and on quite a number of occasions over a three minute and 55 second period. ‘Guuurls‘ she offers, by way of explanation. Of course; we knew this. I have the kick-ass Mama, rockin’ sisters (blood and otherwise) and […]

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Nifty Thrifty

Yesterday, as I interviewed the best dressed couple at the Spring Vintage Ireland Fashion & Decor Fair, the winning lady explained to me that she was a ‘second-hand Susie’ (or was it Sally?); her husband echoed her description referring to his own dress. Of course everyone in the running was a ‘second-hand someone’ – this […]

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The Beauty of New

I am a lady that loves old. Old stories; old clothes; old furniture; old postcards; old friends; old songs; old movies; old traditions; old photos; old style; old manners; old magazines; old letters; old … Today however, as I finally launch my shiny new website, I am reminded of the importance of new. New can […]


From The Mouths of Babes…

Last year my annual resolution was to have more fun or HAVE.MORE.FUN! as was adopted by way of repeated chat following the chime of midnight that welcomed 2013 (and for a fair few hours beyond). I feel satisfied that I managed to be both mindful of my resolve and active in its pursuit. Not the […]

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