The Closet Project: Day 5

Helloooo Friday! Being self-employed, it’s easy for your week and weekend to merge into one but this evening was the first night without plans in forever and I can’t get enough of it! Ok so I’m on my computer working but I’m doing so in pyjamas, with my feet up whilst consuming my fifth green […]

Girl Power

The Closet Project: Day 4

It was all Girl Power! around these parts today. From producers to presenters, panellists to event managers, style assistants to models, marketeers to retailers and a whole host of pals that I couldn’t possibly begin crediting by their professions (no, really – twenty-plus years of friendship and I’d be hard pushed to tell you one […]


The Closet Project: Day 3

Today has been, what the adults often refer to as, ‘one of those days’. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say I’m typing at lightening speed and still feeling the effects of my coffee that I treated myself to hours ago in an effort to calm myself down. Did you know […]


The Closet Project: Day 1

To streamline my diary of this project (apparently I have a tendency to ramble) I thought I’d give myself some headings to make my reporting, and your reading, a little simpler. I have to do this every day for a month folks. Restraint is required.


The Closet Project – One Month To Save My Threads

Earlier this week I waited in Heathrow Terminal 2 for a return flight to Dublin. I waited. And I waited. The only advancement being made was the ever growing estimated take-off time taunting me from the multiple screens. I was alone, it was late and was more than slightly over pacing the near-empty waiting area and soon-to-close […]

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