Vintage Musings: Alice Halliday

Today’s Vintage Musings come from West Cork based Irish designer Alice Halliday. Talented, creative and beautiful (inside and out), Alice is someone that you will meet once and never forget. Her designs are a perfect reflection of herself: etherial, feminine, delicate and utterly dreamy. I first met Alice a few years back through Le Chat […]

Dress peeking

The Closet Project: Days 34, 35, 36 & 37

Yep, the deadline has well and truly passed yet here I am with lots of clothes still hanging in the wardrobe. Granted, the agreement was to give away anything still hanging there after a month but in my defense, that was a very quick month. The quickest in history apparently. And if you remember, Special […]

Vintage Harbouring

The Closet Project: Days 26, 27 & 28

Yes, that number is edging dangerously close to 31 (does anyone know of any months with 50 days? Perhaps that was the month to which I was referring.) Not that Special Gentleman had a point or anything but there’s a suspiciously large amount of threads loitering in my wardrobe, mocking me every time I open […]


The Closet Project: Days 23, 24 & 25

And here we are again, three days have passed since my last post and I’m utterly flustered trying to figure out what I wore and when. I blame Love Hate. It’s coming back you see. The whole country is a-buzz with Nidge this and Ra that. Only I hadn’t even see one episode. Until the […]


The Closet Project: Day 22

Today was a tale of two counties. It was a tale of two climates. I left Dublin very early for a quick jaunt to Carlow. The sun was in the sky; the promise of that summer we keep stealing from India was in the air; the legs were bare. I arrived in Carlow approximately an […]

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