Love is … Mingling Ferociously

Love is a funny thing. When it happens that you first meet ‘The One’, you simply know that they will be all you need. You will go roofless, shoeless, sleepless and none of it will faze you because ‘they’ are with you. When my special gentleman first moved to Dublin I was brimming with such […]


Ye Olde Fashion Country

One of the things that I’m forever promising myself is to take more little breaks in this fair isle. It’s something I think about often, put the wheels in motion regularly but then thoughts of friends living abroad that I’ve been wanting to visit enter my head along with timely emails from those (oh so […]


Swing It!

I was in awe of the incredible swing dancers at the Vintage Fair in Dublin last October and vowed to get to one of the classes pronto but between the jigs and the reels (!) time ran away with me and I never made one. However, it being January now, I’ve decided to make Swing […]


Lost … and found (phew!)

On a most pleasant, but long overdue stroll through Dublin’s George’s St Arcade last week I was stopped in my tracks in horror. As I made my way around the ever-inviting Lolly & Cooks food stall (their soup makes my heart – and taste buds – sing on a regular basis), I turned the corner […]


A Moment in Time … gone by

Following a splendid post-Christmas visit with my special gentleman’s family we left Tyrone for Dublin, initially, in our usual rush. Unusually enough, we didn’t have some pressing matter for which we needed to urgently return and so we decided to try a new route ho]]><![CDATA[me … perhaps it would be quicker than our customary one. […]

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