Vintage Bride and Groom


This day two weeks ago I married my Special Gentleman. I floated through a day so magnificent that I have thought about it every day since and wished we could do it all again. But then, if we did, perhaps it wouldn’t be the same magical, perfect-for-us day that it was? So no, instead I […]

Irene O'Brien Vintage stylist

Vintage Musings: Leona O’Sullivan Breen

Ah Leona O’Sullivan Breen, is there a more perfect contradiction in all the land? A thoroughly modern life lived in the most nostalgic of manners. I first met this Vintage-donned, red-lipstick-rocking ball of beautiful energy in a Cork pub a few years back. The rendezvous was prearranged (as far as I know neither of us […]


Diamonds Are Forgotten

I have reached that time in life where it seems all around me are declaring love and announcing engagement. On a couple’s arrival home after the popping of the question, friends flock around to congratulate, hug and toast the pair. This is swiftly followed by the male being squeezed out of the picture and bride-to-be […]