The Closet Project: Days 23, 24 & 25

And here we are again, three days have passed since my last post and I’m utterly flustered trying to figure out what I wore and when. I blame Love Hate. It’s coming back you see. The whole country is a-buzz with Nidge this and Ra that. Only I hadn’t even see one episode. Until the […]


The Closet Project: Day 8

The world’s quickest blog post goes something like this… Currently in Cork. For work, not pleasure (although I love my work!). No time to Vintage shop but shall be back soon. Journey down took about four hours and it felt like Armageddon. Weather making me less jealous of all those Picnic-bound. Ate a savage seafood chowder […]


A New York Warehouse

Blame it on the bite in the air, blame it on the pre-holiday excitement, blame it on the blinkered haze that descends on all around you as the countdown to a trip to THE city begins but it’s all Carrie Bradshaw and ‘oh my gawd’ around these parts at the moment. Ah, New York, New […]