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Vintage Musings: Leona O’Sullivan Breen

Ah Leona O’Sullivan Breen, is there a more perfect contradiction in all the land? A thoroughly modern life lived in the most nostalgic of manners. I first met this Vintage-donned, red-lipstick-rocking ball of beautiful energy in a Cork pub a few years back. The rendezvous was prearranged (as far as I know neither of us […]


The Closet Project: Days 50 – 57

Still working! Yes, we’re well up on the third month and I have yet to wear all of my wardrobe. I had to break from the updates for a while as I was travelling lots with work so I shall try and do a couple of retrospective full week posts. Writing full week posts is […]

Women 40s on work site

Vintage Musings: Emer // Irish Fashaholic

‘Who Run The World? Who Run The World? Who run this Mutha …?’ So asks Beyonce, quite insistantly and on quite a number of occasions over a three minute and 55 second period. ‘Guuurls‘ she offers, by way of explanation. Of course; we knew this. I have the kick-ass Mama, rockin’ sisters (blood and otherwise) and […]

Vintage friends

The Beauty of New

I am a lady that loves old. Old stories; old clothes; old furniture; old postcards; old friends; old songs; old movies; old traditions; old photos; old style; old manners; old magazines; old letters; old … Today however, as I finally launch my shiny new website, I am reminded of the importance of new. New can […]


Awoke Vintage – The New York Diaries

I have an obsession. This is my second time to New York in 2013. I know this may seem somewhat indulgent but when I came over back in March it was all in the name of family. As I explained then, my Melbourne-based brother and sister-in-law were travelling to NY – for the first time […]


The Tailor – The New York Diaries

Due to a hectic workload prior to leaving Dublin, there were a number of things that got put on the long finger. Number one was getting my sewing machine serviced. It had a glitch, now it won’t work properly and I need to drop it in to town but it’s oh so heavy and the […]


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