Irene O'Brien Vintage stylist

Vintage Musings: Leona O’Sullivan Breen

Ah Leona O’Sullivan Breen, is there a more perfect contradiction in all the land? A thoroughly modern life lived in the most nostalgic of manners. I first met this Vintage-donned, red-lipstick-rocking ball of beautiful energy in a Cork pub a few years back. The rendezvous was prearranged (as far as I know neither of us […]

Women 40s on work site

Vintage Musings: Emer // Irish Fashaholic

‘Who Run The World? Who Run The World? Who run this Mutha …?’ So asks Beyonce, quite insistantly and on quite a number of occasions over a three minute and 55 second period. ‘Guuurls‘ she offers, by way of explanation. Of course; we knew this. I have the kick-ass Mama, rockin’ sisters (blood and otherwise) and […]


The Vintage Roadtrip swings by Miss Daisy Blue

Following a number of months toying with an idea in my head, I chatted to the lovely Miss Pearl about joining my in-development adventure and before I knew it we were on the road to Cork on a recce: The Vintage Roadtrip was born! As the project is still being worked on I won’t bore […]


Cork’s Vintage Vixens

In preparation for the much-anticipated Le Chat Noir Vintage Vixens Event, taking place this evening in conjunction with Cork Fashion Week, I’ve been indulging myself with images of those phenomenal ladies being celebrated in the show. Not sure they make them like this anymore… Marilyn


Cork’s Vintage Kittens

Oh how I love when that familiar black cat pops up on my Facebook feed looking all French and sophisticated, divulging the much anticipated news in a highly polished manner … Cork’s Vintage Fair is back! Yes, Le Petit Chat Noir Summer Fete themed Vintage Fair is taking place THIS Sunday 10th June and By George […]


A Tardy Thank You

A few weeks back when I was in lovely Cork I found myself with a rare hour on my hands. This allowed me to pop into some of the wonderful stores that I had looked forward to revisiting and others that I had just had the pleasure of encountering the night previous at the Le […]