Vintage Bride and Groom


This day two weeks ago I married my Special Gentleman. I floated through a day so magnificent that I have thought about it every day since and wished we could do it all again. But then, if we did, perhaps it wouldn’t be the same magical, perfect-for-us day that it was? So no, instead I […]


A New York Warehouse

Blame it on the bite in the air, blame it on the pre-holiday excitement, blame it on the blinkered haze that descends on all around you as the countdown to a trip to THE city begins but it’s all Carrie Bradshaw and ‘oh my gawd’ around these parts at the moment. Ah, New York, New […]


The World’s Most Romantic ….. Search Engine?

Having woken up this morning forgetting that it was Valentine’s Day, a little surprise reminder came courtesy of Google. And it actually melted my heart … yes a search engine made me all mushy. Press play and I challenge you not to smile!     Enjoy your day. xXx


Love is … Mingling Ferociously

Love is a funny thing. When it happens that you first meet ‘The One’, you simply know that they will be all you need. You will go roofless, shoeless, sleepless and none of it will faze you because ‘they’ are with you. When my special gentleman first moved to Dublin I was brimming with such […]