Sisters 2

Alice! Alice! Who the…

One of my most vivid childhood memories is, along with my older sister, running up the otherwise unusually empty lane that stretched from our school gate to the park road. One eye was on the multiple eyes peering out the class windows, visibly wondering why we were escaping early. My stomach was knotted with a […]


Skype, Sons and Sausage

Today I have been contemplating technology. That collection of robot-powered tools that have become ubiquitous in modern life. The machinery that fuels our work and play life in both small and massive ways. The word that comes with a warning of social collapse, relationship destruction and the demise of the beautiful written word.


Awoke Vintage – The New York Diaries

I have an obsession. This is my second time to New York in 2013. I know this may seem somewhat indulgent but when I came over back in March it was all in the name of family. As I explained then, my Melbourne-based brother and sister-in-law were travelling to NY – for the first time […]


A New York Warehouse

Blame it on the bite in the air, blame it on the pre-holiday excitement, blame it on the blinkered haze that descends on all around you as the countdown to a trip to THE city begins but it’s all Carrie Bradshaw and ‘oh my gawd’ around these parts at the moment. Ah, New York, New […]


Farewell To A Lady

I jumped in to the back seat of my parents’ car, greeted by Papa in the driver’s seat and Mama in the passenger. First born sister was in the back observing me expectantly. ‘Do YOU know where we’re going?’ I smiled in response. ‘You DO know where we’re going!’ In March, First Born Sister turned […]


An Unlikely Influence?

I don’t recall when I first became enamoured with Vintage clothing. Of course I always loved anything old, anything with a history. Even better if it was sparkly. But when I discovered ‘Vintage’?  I’m not sure. I just know that it is an enduring love. I also know when this love was cemented. My brother, […]


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