School Milk

What’s In A Face?

When I was a young girl, my best friend came in the form of a previous enemy.  A fellow redhead, we spent the first of our infant academic years suspicious of, and disdainful toward , each other. In retrospect, we probably thought the sea of tanned blondes that made up our juvenile south Dublin classroom […]


From London to Club to Catwalk

On my recent work-outing-meets-jolly (heavy on the latter – due to the heat wave, you understand) one of my only non-business related plans was to visit the V&A and see the Bowie exhibition. As I was to meet my cousin after she finished work and as I totally misread the V&A’s proximity to Covent Garden, […]


Say Hello To My Little… Screen Siren

Happy New Year, my Vintage lovelies! I’m not sure for how long you’re meant to continue with that greeting but I feel it brings a little (likely forced) cheer to probably the most cursed month of the year. I mean honestly, have you read some of those FB updates this week? A little joy people please […]


Dirty, Fabulous, Mad Men

Some things are simply written in the stars. Wiggle dresses were always going to turn mens heads, Don Draper was destined to be a (terribly dishy) cad and it was inevitable that the Dirty Fabulous sisters would create the most heavenly of vintage emporiums to bring breathtaking occasion wear from the past number of decades […]