The Closet Project: Day 21

Blogging on the day of wearing… yes! I’ve finally caught up on myself and shall endeavour to continue in a similar fashion for the remaining ten days. Along with this I will be endeavouring to train daily and stick to a new healthy eating regime. I’m determined to get fit for the winter (as I usually […]


The Closet Project: Days 18, 19 & 20

I literally have no idea how I’m writing about another three days. Where did they go? I blame the sunshine. That glorious, unexpected, welcome, soul-healing sunshine. I hope you’re out getting a fabulous vitamin D kick and enjoying our (dare I say?) Indian summer. I shall join you just as soon as I deal with […]


The Closet Project: Day 1

To streamline my diary of this project (apparently I have a tendency to ramble) I thought I’d give myself some headings to make my reporting, and your reading, a little simpler. I have to do this every day for a month folks. Restraint is required.


A New York Warehouse

Blame it on the bite in the air, blame it on the pre-holiday excitement, blame it on the blinkered haze that descends on all around you as the countdown to a trip to THE city begins but it’s all Carrie Bradshaw and ‘oh my gawd’ around these parts at the moment. Ah, New York, New […]


Pan Am Takes Off

I am doing a whole lot of Pan Am lovin’! Having read a lot about the pilot and upcoming series over the past few months I was so excited when I saw it advertised on RTE and have watched the first two episodes in a contented stupor.