The Closet Project: Days 58 – 60

There comes a time in a girl’s life when she just has to take a break from talking about – and sharing photos of – herself. For me that time came when I was weeks into what was to be a 30-day project, still finding myself choosing from an ever-reducing closet of clothes and having […]


The Closet Project: Days 50 – 57

Still working! Yes, we’re well up on the third month and I have yet to wear all of my wardrobe. I had to break from the updates for a while as I was travelling lots with work so I shall try and do a couple of retrospective full week posts. Writing full week posts is […]


The Closet Project: Days 47 – 50

‘Right’ I thought, ‘ time to get down to the business of gaining some control on The Closet Project (and then all in my currently chaotic life will follow suit. It will? It will)’. So I decided to write one week’s blog in one quick post. Then I began writing and it became one week’s […]

A secretary photographed in the 1950s

The Closet Project: Days 38 – 43

After wading through approximately one thousand photos of myself in various outfits I have finally figured(ish) what I wore and when. This was further delayed due to approximately 90% of these photographs residing on Special Gentleman’s phone so I had to wait for a time we were actually both off work at the same time […]

Dress peeking

The Closet Project: Days 34, 35, 36 & 37

Yep, the deadline has well and truly passed yet here I am with lots of clothes still hanging in the wardrobe. Granted, the agreement was to give away anything still hanging there after a month but in my defense, that was a very quick month. The quickest in history apparently. And if you remember, Special […]


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