Desert, Gifts and Dita

In preparation of myself and my Special Gentleman’s trip to the Burning Man festival in Nevada in just over 8 weeks (oh my!), I have dusted off my beloved sewing machine. As there’s no cash exchanged in the Black Rock Desert during the festival I decided that I’m going to make ‘winkies’ (this is how […]


Sisters, Tea & Treasures

In our family, First Born Sister is the glue that binds. This isn’t just because she is the only of the siblings to give our parents grandchildren (and therefore the most revered of the offspring) but it is simply her nature. She’s incredibly supportive and encouraging … to the extent of becoming self-appointed agent to […]


Love is … Mingling Ferociously

Love is a funny thing. When it happens that you first meet ‘The One’, you simply know that they will be all you need. You will go roofless, shoeless, sleepless and none of it will faze you because ‘they’ are with you. When my special gentleman first moved to Dublin I was brimming with such […]


Ode to Mama Vintage

On a recent trawl of vintage websites I came across a San Franciscan store where, unusually enough for me, my attention was grabbed not by the clothing but rather what the store was called: ‘Mother’s Daughter’. What an utterly perfect name for a Vintage clothing store! Most of us have memories of dressing up in […]


Roman Holiday

Following a recent birthday, my special gentleman came over all romance and chivalry on me and whisked me off to Italy for my first holiday in 3 years … and our first together! Although both of us have been lucky enough to see lots of the world over the last few years, neither of us […]


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