Vintage friends

The Beauty of New

I am a lady that loves old. Old stories; old clothes; old furniture; old postcards; old friends; old songs; old movies; old traditions; old photos; old style; old manners; old magazines; old letters; old … Today however, as I finally launch my shiny new website, I am reminded of the importance of new. New can […]


The Quickie

I love fashion. I love the theatre of shows and the drama of couture. I love the individuality of personal style and the diverse beauty of eclectic gatherings.


Fairytale of Stillorgan Shopping Centre

Although I promise myself every year that I won’t have one single thing left to buy on Christmas Eve, inevitably always find myself with a list of ‘bits’ to get. Even though I have the bright lights of Dundrum Town Centre down the road and the cosmopolitan centre of Grafton St a short Luas journey […]


Farewell To A Lady

I jumped in to the back seat of my parents’ car, greeted by Papa in the driver’s seat and Mama in the passenger. First born sister was in the back observing me expectantly. ‘Do YOU know where we’re going?’ I smiled in response. ‘You DO know where we’re going!’ In March, First Born Sister turned […]


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