Vintage Exposure

Oh my… exciting times!

I was so delighted to be asked to style an ‘Affordable Vintage’ piece for TV3’s Xpose and had a fabulous time shooting it last Tuesday.



Obviously my love affair with Vintage is ongoing but I do often hear it referred to it as a way of dressing ‘for other people’.

Of course many folk are turned off by the fact that the garment is older than their granny (and worried that perhaps it has seen less bath-time) and if that’s their opinion then I understand it’s not for them. However I do despair when to hear people say that Vintage is out of their price range or not suitable for their age group.

Strictly speaking Vintage is anything over 25 years old – that’s it. It doesn’t mean designer; it doesn’t mean size 6; it doesn’t mean break -the-bank expense. Anything that was pricey a number of decades ago will be correspondingly so today. Likewise for less expensive garments. The joy is that, at both ends of the price scale, Vintage will nearly always hold it’s original value.


Naomi channeling 70s festival chic from Gladys Vintage in the wonderful backdrop of Gilbert & Wright


Besides loving the theme of the shoot, it was the location that stole the show for me … Gilbert & Wright Living Room in Dun Laoghaire resembles closely what Special Gentleman fears our little pad is turning into. I can only dream. This is to be my public house of choice forever more. Retro styling, groovy tunes, incredibly comfy feel and a laid back vibe that is lost in many ‘hipster’ places of choice at the moment. Lots going on in the brilliant venue most nights, including Connect 4 championships (I kid you not) – you can keep up to date with all on their Facebook.

Hopefully the gorgeous threads from two of my favorite stores, Tullamore’s Gladys Vintage and Dublin’s Om Diva, as modelled by the classic beauty that is Naomi, will make those that feel somewhat alienated by concept of Vintage, consider taking a second look. The clothes that we showcased on the piece (that was aired last Wednesday) were simply gorgeous. They looked every bit as glam as I hoped and each of the beautifully maintained  garments featured were under €100; some as low as €20! I was particularly delighted with the makeup looks that complimented the outfits so well, created by talented artist Ciara Cooney … oh to have her on hand of a Monday morning.

You can have a little peak for yourself here


Irene O'Brien


Oh and my yellow frock is a 1930s gem lovingly borrowed from Gladys Vintage’s treasure trove of dresses. Can you believe the immaculate condition it’s in? And that really is the same age as my Nana.

Irene x