I can’t remember the last time I watched so much television over a rare sunny weekend such as the one we’ve just had. I was simply glued to BBC’s Glastonbury coverage. I felt that by opening the window to its widest and participating in a tipple or two whilst watching, I was as good as there (short of pitching a tent in the living room but we couldn’t find the pegs unfortunately).



Now I do realise that the entire country is Beyonce-buzzing this morning and while I completely concur that the woman rocked (very Tina Turner-esq which is always good in my jotter), I have to say that my standout favorite was another lady that I have been loving for sometime now, uniform monochrome, quiff and all.



I know that people often criticise Janelle Monáe for her lack of deviation from the ever-present suit but I kind of love that she comes out with those oversized dickybows or ties and makes them look so darn right. In fact I adored the styling of the entire performance (oh to be one of her backing singers!) I’ve seen lots of photos of her from when she first started, wearing fairly insipid outfits in comparison, and I must admit I wasn’t half as captivated as I find myself of late.  So do take a peak and let me know what you think…

Please click here and excuse that my blog isn’t inserting videos properly (ok we all know it’s me and not the technology but let’s pretend)

Luckily for us there are still tickets for her Dublin gig this Wednesday …yippee, lets meet up and recreate her groovy Glastonbury dancing. I’ll be in monochrome, obviously.

Irene x