Desert, Gifts and Dita

In preparation of myself and my Special Gentleman’s trip to the Burning Man festival in Nevada in just over 8 weeks (oh my!), I have dusted off my beloved sewing machine.

As there’s no cash exchanged in the Black Rock Desert during the festival I decided that I’m going to make ‘winkies’ (this is how myself and my lovely chums refer to them but I fear we may be the only ones) to gift to people throughout the week. I’ve just seen that glorious Dita Von Teese designed some herself with Moschino – see below. Now doesn’t she make wearing them look like an art form? I’m sure(ish) mine will be up to the same lush standard …. perhaps with a few feathers and bells thrown in for good Burning Man measure.

The more people I’ve mentioned my gift choice to, the more unconvinced looks I have received. I think the feeling is that people participating in a rather long soiree in the desert may rather cold drinks or juicy fruit over elaborate eye masks. I disagree. I say they’ll allow you to sleep during the day (if perhaps the night has been active) AND they’ll keep the sand out during any windy storms. Of course then you won’t be able to see anything but it is the thought that counts and all that…

Photo: Courtesy of Andy Gotts

Do wish me luck with my little project … should it take me an entire day to make just one, it may just be SG that gets the joy of donning them, pink feathers and all. I’ll be swinging by Walmart for a few extra cartons of Tropicana …