Nice to be Nice (even if your tongue bleeds)

Inspirational! Quote! Cherry! Popping!

If not inspirational it’s a kind of kick in the arse reminder at the very least.

My sister often says ‘do you want to be right or do you want to be kind?’ .

My mum regularly told us ‘you should always allow others to save face’. .

I feel at my shittiest when I’ve been unkind. When I look back in anger/ regret (a regular 3 am occurrence) it’s always those times that I was a complete asshole that haunt me. Mostly memories from 20 odd years ago, but hey ho, that’s the gift that insomnia keeps giving. (Come 3.20 am it’s about how I’m wildly overfamiliar and give too many hugs to people I really don’t know – but I think that’s knocked on the head anyway seeing as shaking someone’s hand now seems wildly reckless – and by 3.40 I’m replaying the many, many conversations in which I was a complete tit. So by 4am I wrap it all up with some silent screaming into the abyss).

I recognise that it was always about me and how I was struggling that fed that behaviour. My mum’s other expression is that ‘hurt people hurt people’ so I try to think of that when I’m on the receiving end of someone’s crap. But I also try to think of it when I’m looking back younger me – and people that hurt younger me – because we all evolve, we all grow and hopefully we all become kinder with age. And when feeling like I want to bite I think of those little mantras that I’m exposed to so often and mostly manage to bite my bleeding tongue instead.

My other sister often gently advises that people should ‘FOCK. RIGHT. OFF.’, (lest you think I was brought up in a little house on a prairie). Sometimes I call her after the tongue biting for satisfactory release. It’s all about balance.

These thoughts are brought to you by Emotions From Sleep Deprivation. Lockdown Melancholy and Normal People triggering.

Happy Sunday, gang!