The Closet Project: Days 50 – 57

Still working! Yes, we’re well up on the third month and I have yet to wear all of my wardrobe. I had to break from the updates for a while as I was travelling lots with work so I shall try and do a couple of retrospective full week posts. Writing full week posts is hard; remembering what I wore is harder.


The Threads I Wore

Day 50 saw me take a dress from the pile of clothes that I had put aside for donating / selling (in an effort to make my project easier and closet freer). But then I was stuck for something to wear and really wanted a day dress that was easy and comfortable. I’m weak; I caved. ‘Sure I can still donate it afterwards, yes?’ But then I put it on and I liked it all over again. I first spotted this Vintage number at the Airfield Market in Dublin. I loved the paisley print, the long sleeves and the colour; the pussybow tie sealed the deal. I remember doing a bit of humming and hawing because I hadn’t (and wasn’t about to) try it on so it was a bit of a risk. My Special Gentleman impatiently stood by before finally weighing in and telling me I had plenty of Vintage dresses and didn’t need another. The girl selling the dress was not impressed and in no uncertain terms ordered him to leave! Needless to say, her and I did a deal and I’ve had fun times in the surplus dress since then.

photo 3

It was a quick change for the evening. This is the Miss Selfridge number from a few years ago that made me look at the high street store again. I saw this dress in a magazine I was reading on a flight (I always take far more notice of everything in a magazine on a flight) and I thought about it A LOT afterwards. I was having a real lace moment and decided it was to be mine. Alas, it never arrived in to the Irish stores so I made it my business to buy it online. I went for the 10 but should have gone smaller as it’s a pretty big fit. Of course I didn’t return it as I wanted to wear it that night – isn’t that always the way? It remains slightly too big and too long but I still rely on it for various events as it’s a real reliable number. I’m sure I’ll get it altered though… soon.

photo 2

Day 51 saw me craving comfort and wanting to wear trainers so I reached for my other black skinnies – these ones are Dr. Denim and have so far been overlooked. The ‘downtime’ look didn’t quite work out as planned when the only top that seemed to be an option was my sequin disco tee. I bought this at a Le Chat Noir Vintage event a few years back. I was MC’ing the Vintage show and became totally distracted by the glitter of this Turquoise Flamingo top. It was winking at me, calling to me. It had been paired with hot pants and the model looked ridiculously gorgeous. Deep down I know that I thought I’d look like her if I owned it. Clearly that didn’t work but it does make me very, very happy on a dark day.

photo 1 (7)

Day 52 saw the morning start with cold weather and continued with me falling into my wardrobe, choosing my outfit by whatever stuck. This led to quite the eclectic combination of red city shorts from Zara, a knit jumper, some thick black tights and, of course, my gold brogues. My now ancient Topshop fur brought my body temperature right up. I think it was the black tights that brought the outfit over the ‘just plain wrong’ finish line.

photo 1

Day 53 was all about my River Island knit skirt. I visited this on many an occasion when pulling looks a couple of years back as the retro print made me inexplicably happy. I finally bought it when I saw it down to 2p or something equally ridiculous. I still do love it but don’t get too much wear out of it due to the restrictive hem which prevents me getting anywhere fast. For this reason I embrace the geisha channeling and only wear it on weekends when I have time to totter. The tee and jacket are both Zara – there is zero warmth in either item.

photo 5 (3)

Day 54 brought a Vintage dress that I purchased in Fox & Fawn, Brooklyn early last year. I loved everything about this dress… for someone else. Seeing as no one else that might love it came to mind, I bought it anyway and thought I might sell it down the line. Of course I never got around to that so I found myself keeping it in my wardrobe, waiting for the day I perform at Body and Soul and dance around on stage all shoulder pads with gold and coloured fan print. Amazingly I’ve yet to be asked to perform at this or any festival. Perhaps I need to work on my vocals. My moves are there, ready and waiting.

photo 1

That night brought more Vintage. This long red leather skirt is a favourite of mine and the photo does it no justice whatsoever. Both the skirt and top are from Emili Jean Vintage and I bought them directly off the cyber hanger. To my delight, they both fit like gloves. For some reason I decided to pin my hair up and looking back I realise that I had transformed myself into a positively ’90s silhouette, like something Eternal might have worn. That’s it! That’s my pass to performing. Everyone loves a tribute/ comeback act, surely?

photo 1

It’s day 55 baby! For the longest time I wanted a blouse with this high ruffled neck style but couldn’t find one. Then a few years back when I was in San Fran I spotted this dress and fell in love… with the neck ruffles. Then I saw the cuffs and loved them too. Once I tried it on I knew that I was in the ‘costume’ realm of Vintage but kind of couldn’t help myself. And it’s grand; there are plenty of days when I’m feeling slightly Austin Powers so it gets a spin out from time to time.

photo 3

Next, for day 56, was another Vintage number that I had sworn was off to live another life. And yet here I am wearing it. I bought this dress at a boutique called Suburban Dolls. I’ve mentioned this store a couple of times as it was a little gem off the Walkinstown roundabout that I heard about through word of mouth. In no time my friends and I all loved it and were visiting every weekend. Next we knew the store was on the move to a new, bigger premises – this came as no surprise. Alas, that was the last we ever heard of the store. We stalked online etc but never heard another dickey. I often think of the sisters that ran it and hope that all worked out ok (and that they didn’t report us for stalking).

photo 1 (11)

Day 57 (phew!) saw the need for a bit of black action. I donned a dress from Urban Outfitters that’s a real hard little worker. It has pockets, zips and resilience – we go way back. The jacket was a gift that I’ve kept for years but changed the buttons on a couple of times to suit my mood. I love a good ’80s Dynasty-esque button, particularly the sort that you might like your doorknocker designed on.

photo 4 (3)

Why I Wore Them

It’s Sunday and I know you have things to do so I won’t bore you with details of every outfit outing. Instead I’ll give a brief rundown of that week that was. There was look pulling and styling; there was fashion show production and contribution; there was a play date with my nephew and a trip to the cinema; there was a le cool walk and some Temple Bar oyster eating; there was pregnancy labour watch and hanging out with other people’s kids; there was a day of meetings and an afternoon of plotting; there was an overdue catch up with a great friend; there was a Special Gentleman’s birthday and a celebratory dinner with cocktails at Coppinger Row (yummy!); there was article writing and road trips for work; there was question answering, long distance calls and booking of trips; there was business in hotels, spreadsheet overloads and plenty of lols.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 3 (5)

photo 3

photo 2 (9)

photo 2

photo 3

photo 2

photo 2 (10)

photo 5 (2)

Where It Will Go

Well I could tell you a heap of lies about this going to charity and that going to eBay but I think we all know I have a bit of a problem. I guess I’ve another couple of weeks at this so I will try my hardest to abstain from rummaging back through those clothes that I already committed to a new life. I’ve even put them in a suitcase. And I zipped it up. The first step is admitting you’ve a problem after all.

Bedroom man and woman

What The Special Gentleman Thought

That, following all of my indignance at his suggestion that I might have enough outfits to wear for a year, this would be well done by now. He thought the bannister would no longer be groaning under the weight of clothes for alterations. He thought that his wardrobe would no longer be blocked by a rail so heavy with ‘worn’ clothes it now fully leans to the left. He thought I’d have sold, donated or passed on that big pile of clothes that is now in a stuffed suitcase. He thought he’d enjoy proving a point. I’m thinking he’d happily have been wrong… weeks ago. Still, all this photo taking – it’s quality time, isn’t it??

x Irene x