The Closet Project: Days 34, 35, 36 & 37

Yep, the deadline has well and truly passed yet here I am with lots of clothes still hanging in the wardrobe. Granted, the agreement was to give away anything still hanging there after a month but in my defense, that was a very quick month. The quickest in history apparently. And if you remember, Special Gentleman originally accused me of having enough clothes to wear something different every day for a year. To prove that this is the massive exaggeration I believe it to be (and by way of saving those remaining threads), we have extended the challenge. I shall continue to wear something different every day until I run out of clothes. This benefits me as it gives me a final opportunity to hold on to those clothes I dread to part with. It benefits him as he sees how close he was to the truth. It also benefits him as he gets to see me try to pull off some of the more ridiculous numbers that I insist I need to keep yet never actually wear. And so it continues (complete with a little backlog)… how long to save my threads?

Dress peeking

The Threads I Wore

Last Saturday I started the day in a leather skirt and check shirt, both of which I purchased on The Brooklyn Crawl which I wrote about a few weeks back. I was desperate for a leather skirt and tried on approximately 12 when I visited Fox & Fawn Vintage in Bushwick. I was in leather heaven – well, I was until the inevitable dressing room overheating began. Combined with the leather subjects it soon became too much and I ran out taking whatever skirt stuck to my back on the way. This was the winner! The shirt is J brand and also from same ‘haul’ as the fashion bloggers just love to say. Shoes are M&S.

Leather skirt 1

That evening I wore what is definitely in the running for my favourite dress. I bought it in an utterly wonderful Vintage store in Brick Lane on a rare weekend away with two of my equally wonderful college friends. The Chirpiest Music Lover and I visited The World’s Most Creative Lady in her London home. It was filled with wine, laughter and shopping. Mostly wine and laughter though. This dress was sized as a 14 so I nearly didn’t try it on but the raw silk fabric and the brilliant botanic print meant I had to give it at least a whirl ’round the dressing room. To my delighted surprise it fit like a glove and that was the beginning of a beautiful (if slightly frayed and often in need of repairs) relationship.

photo 1 (5)

On Sunday I wore a dress that I have hated overlooking for the past month or so. In fact I believe it’s the closest thing to a comfort blanket that I own. I wear it in every situation. In summer all free and easy; in winter all thermal lined and cardigan shrouded. It’s my ultimate article writing at the laptop, easy to pull on, complete with pockets dress. And it’s denim. Hey it’s no body-con marvel but it’s still rock n’ roll to me. Oh yeah, it’s from Topshop and I have it about three years, I’d say. Three years of denim love (and the odd forgotten about tissue in the pockets. It’s that kind of dress).

photo 2

The start of the week saw a real blast from the past make an appearance. The jumper dress. Oh no, no ordinary ’90s knitted jumper dress. This was all cotton, stretch and pockets. I spotted it during a trip to NY with my girls a few years back. We were in Macys, I had well lost my ‘buddy’ (the system doesn’t work with a hangover because for comfort, you’ll hug anyone within reach. For self-preservation, you’ll cut loose anyone representing responsibility. We were like recently escaped Smarties, all popping around the floor of the department store, alone and praying not to be stood on). I spotted my jumper dress hanging on the end of a rail (purposefully alone – you know how they do that). It was in two colours. I had instantly loved the dress but I believe the deal was sealed when I actually managed to choose between the two offerings all by myself and in less than an hour. Utterly ecstatic were the only two words to describe the moment I committed to buying it. These words were repeated when I was sent to the Visitor’s Centre for my 10% off International card. I MADE A CHOICE! I’M SAVING MONEY! DEAR LORD ALLELUIA!  It’s the little things (that feel like big things) when you’re feeling delicate. The dress came with its own necklace – for free like – the joy was literally endless. This necklace is not the (long since lost) free one but rather a gold eShe number from Newbridge jewellery.

photo 2 (5)

The next day was all about the shorts. My mum bought these ‘tux’ style for me from French Connection a few Christmases ago. They’re what she’d call ‘cheeky’ (no pun intended). The top is from Elsa & GoGo, one of my favourite Cork based Vintage traders. We were doing a shoot together and she showed me a picture of the blouse which I instantly loved. ‘You might find the sleeves a bit oversized’. Oversized was the very appeal.

photo 2 (4)

Why I Wore Them

On the Saturday I took a rare treat of a roadtrip with my Mama and First Born Sister. Actually there were six of us in the car – two of whom we never met before but collected off the Blue Bus in Stillorgan hoping they were the right London lassies and we weren’t committing kidnap. That’s hen parties for you – unconventional and brilliantly bonding experiences. The hen in question, The Hair Twister, has been in my life (I calculated after a few vino collapso) since I was 4. Having seen her in batwing jumpers, banana clips, taffeta debs dresses and a range of Aer Lingus uniforms, I’ll greatly look forward to seeing her as a bride in December. I believe the nappy pants might even make a reappearance.

Leather skirt 2

As part of her brilliantly organised day which took place in Roundwood House, we took a millinery class and made headwear for the dinner… or was it the wedding? The bubbles confused everyone but I went with the former and kept things botanical with my little stuffed birdy. He faired poorly during a glue gun incedent but all in all he was a welcome addition to proceedings.

photo 3 (3)

The comfort blanket was worn for the day after the night before. Enough said.

photo 1

Monday brought a day of writing and mailing. An ‘admin day’ as Special Gentleman likes to call it (this used to refer to him visiting Internet cafes in Bolivia sending group mails with appalling Spanglish greetings. I think the reality of admin shattered him when he moved to Dublin and got an office job. Where was the smell of feet, the vending machines and countdown timers?)  I needed Monday comfort and the only thing looking like it could do half the job was the jumper dress.

photo 1 (4)

Tuesday, Tuesday. Or ‘Poosday’ as we like to call it after a particularly challenging weekend. It was starting with a preview, leading on to a meeting and continuing in Wicklow with a long event until late at night. My black ‘tux’ shorts were the only things to fit the bill. Seeing as it was a black tights kind of day, it was an outfit that was good to bring me from day to night. The hat didn’t even last to the end of the preview mind you.

photo 1 (3)

What I Learnt

What I relearnt: There’s nothing quite like a night of female banter. There’s nothing quite like a cooked breakfast reliving said banter. There’s nothing quite like the hangover brought on by said banter, enthusiastic consumption of said breakfast followed by long journey home. It was all fun and games until the All Ireland traffic jam.

Where It Will Go

As soon as I had the jumper dress thingy on me, I laughed and knew exactly where it would go – straight to the charity shop. Then I wore its soft fabric, all elasticated edges and hand welcoming pockets and… life wasn’t so black and white anymore. They’re all gone to the ‘keeping’ rail. Don’t judge me.


What The Special Gentleman Thought

“Oh, a wee birdy. That’s a great hat, Pumpkin” I always get addressed as some sort of food type on my return from a night away. It’s generally ‘Pumpkin’. The whole ’round and orange’ coincidence is best not examined too closely.

x Irene x