The Closet Project: Days 29, 30, 31 (and 32 and 33 … ssshhh!)

Sometimes it’s easiest to slip things into conversation unnoticed when you do it quickly. So here’s the rapid rundown of days 29 to *cough* 33. What? Hmmm? Oh look, elephants!

1954 Circus Elephants Spray Down in Berlin Press Photo

The Threads I Wore

Monday: I wore a dress that I bought from Urban Outfitters when it first opened in Temple Bar years ago. Upon arrival to the store I used always skip straight upstairs to the (then) top floor, heading directly toward the vintage and upcycled section.  This dress is by Johann for Urban Renewal and I was obsessed with it for weeks. This had nothing to do with the print or the shape or the fit. It was the bird. The gold bird appliqué made me inexplicably happy. I wore it with a grey belt that belonged to my little sister and they were a match made in heaven. Until, that was, said little sister discovered the belt missing (and sitting happily on my waist). As far as I remember this was followed by fighting and cursing like only cohabiting sisters can master. Ignoring the pleas of our parents, the belt was demanded back and I lost the battle. I often think of that belt which is now living it up in Melbourne: watching the footie at The G; strolling around Brunswick St doing some shopping; drinking great coffee in the city; sipping cocktails on rooftop bars.. all the while not giving another thought to me and my dress (it is the belt I’m talking about, really it is…). Shortly after belt-gate my peacekeeping parents ‘stumbled’ upon a lookalike replacement whilst on holidays. I always wondered how many hours searching they did before the stumbling happened.

photo 3

Tuesday: I started the day in a black playsuit with white collar detail from Topshop. I bought this a couple of years ago when I was needing to wear black but feeling quite uninspired by the prescriptive dress code. This little suit allowed me fill the brief whilst feeling more like myself (or a tap dancer, depending on the day). It has been missing for months and after checking every dry cleaners in the area, pulling apart each wardrobe in the house, and having my mother do a hunt of her pad, it turned up… in the dry cleaners, under Special Gentleman’s name. Plus points for dropping it in; minus for forgetting about it and swearing no part in its disappearance.

photo 1

Tuesday evening: I bought this Anna Sui dress in Anthropologie on a girls trip to New York about six years ago. I’m sure my friends just said they loved it so we could leave the shop and begin to eat our hangovers away but nonetheless it has served me well for a number of different requirements over the years. A trusty old friend that reminds me of the Big Apple and my my other trusty (if a little boozy) old friends.

photo 2

Wednesday: This dress is from a website called Modcloth with which I had a slight obsession for a few years. I was even an ambassador for them one year although the joy of the appointment was the height of the fulfillment. The role involved absolutely nothing. Or perhaps they changed their mind and just left me out. Either way, I still love this dress and am always happy to have it in the wardrobe. It’s what those TV stylists would call a ‘workhorse’. At least I think they would. Reliable, adaptable, subtle but with a little personality on the shoulders. What more do you want from a dress (or prospective online date)?

photo 2

Thursday: This little number was bought during one of those rare moments of weakness also known as an occupational hazard. Whilst pulling looks for a shoot in the 3rd Policeman in Rathmines I kept allowing my eyes be drawn back to the beautiful collection of ’60s dresses that were definitely not part of my brief. As I indulged in a little touch and feel with said dresses, the lovely Ria had a light bulb moment and took herself off to the stock room only to return with this little pink dress which she thought I might like. Her suspicions were confirmed and the dress became mine shortly afterwards. It required some alternations which my Mama’s fare hand undertook. I do feel I went slightly too short with the hem hack but that’s what tights were made for, right?

photo 1

Friday: I bought these navy short a few years back when there were less of my thighs. I still like them but definitely feel the need to add a bit of a heel for some elongation and optical illusion action. They’re by Dalia and I bought them in BT2. I’m a sucker for navy and the double cut thing they had going on sealed the deal. The top is by Vaudeville & Burlesque from Urban Outfitters. I had a cute navy cami that I used to wear under it but that has long disappeared so I try various replacements with various – mostly disappointing – results. The good news is that as an outfit it’s very comfortable and free. The bad news is that I found the reason it’s comfortable and free. I was going around with the zip down for pretty much the entire day, flashing some lovely navy tights gusset. I later got soaked to the skin during the Armageddon type rain that greeted us in Dublin early evening. I think it was karma for subjecting all around me to that unforgettable sight.

photo 3

Why I Wore Them

Monday involved car journeys, computers and coffee. Besides a bit of sliding around when sitting on too shiny a seat, all was well with the world.

photo 1

On Tuesday I had an early work commitment followed by a press preview, followed by meetings followed by a few hours chained to my computer. Besides having to allocate longer for trips to the ladies room to allow for playsuit wriggle / zip contortion, it worked out just fine for all occasions.

photo 2

Later I attended the Xpose preview screening of Magic in the Moonlight at The Screen. The theme was 1920s but as I had other commitments I forwent the lace headgear and flapper dress. Instead I channeled the 1920s by nodding to the era’s love of all things oriental via the kimono style print dress (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

photo 1

Wednesday was an honest to goodness day at the office. A dress at the office. Grand job. I later went to the Clerys AW show (which was wonderful – report to follow) in the same dress. I told you it was a workhorse.

photo 1

Thursday was due to be style meetings, events work and project plotting. Alas I injured my eye the night previous and its well-being took priority. Whilst I did manage to fulfill my commitments it was done with a pair of wings on my back. The pain medication was strong to say the least. Apologies if you received any unsolicited love mail from me.

photo 2

Friday stared with a le cool walk for Failte Ireland followed by events work and writing. It was the sort of Friday I love: diverse, giggle-filled with a sneaky few Smarties thrown in (the gob, every few minutes). The drenching ruined my Culture Night plans but you can’t win them all, eh?

photo 2

What I Learnt

That by not blogging every day I have seamlessly diverted attention from the fact that I have run over my deadline. This does NOT mean that Special Gentleman was right. Oh no siree. As a compromise my pals suggested that I continue to work my way through my wardrobe to see exactly how long it takes to get through it all. Less #onemonthtosavemythreads, more #howlongtosavemythreads. In my defense, I have a huge pile of threads that I have already admitted defeat on and shall be selling / donating in the near future.

Where It Will Go

Those navy shorts are going straight to the alterations for a little hook-and-eye love. I found a great alternations place years ago when I lived in Camden St. It was on Montague Lane, it then moved to the old buildings opposite The Bleeding Horse, now I tracked it back down to further down Camden St opposite The Palace. The wonderful lady in there now does alterations while you wait. I highly recommend her for speed, quality service and classic Dublin pass-remarkable comments.


What The Special Gentleman Thought

On Friday I was hosting a number of international journalists on a le cool jaunt around Dublin. Upon leaving The Copper House Gallery, the sole male journalist feel into step with me and declared “you’re a moath”. “A moath?” I replied. “A moat”. “Oh a ‘moat’?” I clarified, not really clarifying at all. “A mot, a MOT. The way you dress”. “Oh a mod?” “Yes, yes, a ‘mod’. Your jacket, your shorts, your sunglasses. I like them very much. This is a good style on you”. And for one moment only, Italian journalist became my special gentleman. (How’s that for deflection?)

 x Irene x




5 Comments on The Closet Project: Days 29, 30, 31 (and 32 and 33 … ssshhh!)

  1. Ann O'Brien
    September 23, 2014 at 7:52 pm (3 years ago)

    Most enjoyable! Poor ‘special’ Special Gentleman – his ‘mod’ had a weak moment!

  2. Joan
    September 23, 2014 at 9:26 pm (3 years ago)

    Would love to see all the pics in one album now.. and then we can vote on our all-time favourites!

    • Irene
      September 27, 2014 at 7:56 pm (3 years ago)

      Well there’s more to go Joan – far too many clothes still in the wardrobe to give in and surrender them just yet! xXx

  3. julie
    September 24, 2014 at 9:07 pm (3 years ago)

    Loved catching up with your blog admiring your style and enjoyed the stories about your different outfits, it gave me a lovely diversion when I needed a break from boring
    numbers. You have a real gift with words xx julie & all in Leixlip

    • Irene
      September 27, 2014 at 7:54 pm (3 years ago)

      Julie, that’s so nice! Well you’re stuck with me for a while yet as we’ve decided to extend the challenge to see how long it actually takes to wear everything in the wardrobe… it definitely won’t be a year though! Hope all’s great with you xXx


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