The Closet Project: Days 26, 27 & 28

Yes, that number is edging dangerously close to 31 (does anyone know of any months with 50 days? Perhaps that was the month to which I was referring.) Not that Special Gentleman had a point or anything but there’s a suspiciously large amount of threads loitering in my wardrobe, mocking me every time I open the door. And no, they’re not ones that I’m happy to lose. To those that have offered to harbour my dresses, thanks but that would be cheating (check your door step tomorrow morning)…

Vintage Harbouring

The Threads I Wore

On Friday morning I wore a dress by Tabitha that I got in Anthropology a couple of years back. It’s a skirt and top that’s actually a dress that looks like a skirt and top, get it? I first saw it online and I loved the cut; the skirt length and shape looked sort of 60s. Of course when I tried it on I realised it was actually a particularly medium length skirt but I had been duped by the tall model. This, combined with my short legs, makes it a long skirt. But hey, the colours made me happy so it was a keeper.

photo 1

For the evening I changed into a a blue dress with embellished collar from Sandro. I first saw this dress when shopping with my friend. I urged her to try it on and wow did she look fabulous in it. She also looked fabulous in another tomato Sandro number (she’s built like that) and so went with that instead. I still dreamed of the blue dress and on a rare day in town with my Mama we spotted it on sale. I had an important meeting coming up and nothing to wear (honest). Although I was a poor imitation of my pal in the dress, the collar spoke to me and I found myself quite taken with it. While I was busy considering it my mother had somehow gotten it into her possession (I do believe she paid for it) and offered it to me when we returned to the car, wondering if she had done ‘the right thing’. That’s the kind of Mama she is.

photo 2

On Saturday it was all about comfort, stretch, soft fabrics and loose shapes. It was a day for mom jeans and plaid shirts. The former are from Penneys and the latter from Topshop. The former bought to dress up with heels and make myself look like a street style start; the latter for Glastonbury. The former have only ever been worn with bare feet, trainers or slippers; the latter was probably worn at Glastonbury, below approximately five layers of thermal, fleece and wipeable fabric.

photo 1

On Sunday I wore a dress that was gifted to me from Boo Hoo last year. As you know, I’m a sucker for a collar. I am also a sucker for cotton and the older I get the more of a priority it becomes (another Nana trait to add to the ever-growing list – fabulous!). When the dress arrived it was slightly wider and longer than I hoped. I haven’t addressed either issue but I shall. You just watch me go…

photo 1

Why I Wore Them

Day 26 saw me locked out of the house, chasing my tail and failing at every work endevour I attempted. One thing I did have success with however, was enjoying a rare treat of weekday lunch with my Mama and God Mama. We took ourselves to sunny Powerscourt and had some of those famous Avoca meals. It doesn’t matter what we ordered because everyone really goes for the three massive salads that come with the mains, don’t we? Oh sure they sell books telling us how to recreate them but have you ever actually met anyone that had done so successfully? Personally I never get passed the shopping list of ingredients. Needless to say we filled our boots, enjoying chats and lols throughout. To those ladies that lunch, I salute you. Well played.

photo 3

For the evening I joined my pal, Ms. Ridey Connoisseur  for her birthday celebrations. We started in Montys of Katmandu which was hands down the best Nepalese food I have ever tasted in my life. Em, no I can’t recall another occasion that I ate Nepalese but I guarantee you that, if I did, this still wins. I cannot recommend it more. Unfortunately for me (and all seated around my hilarious self), it was the beautiful wine that was the biggest hit with me. The good news is that the new Mama birthday girl was in fine fettle and the night was young (for her anyway… some tipsy Nanas have to know when to call it a night).

photo (12)

Saturday: I think we all know why I wore the mom jeans and plaid shirt. What else to put on for a day of fear battling, self loathing and menu perusing?

photo 2

Sunday was approximately a 200 times superior day to it’s predecessor. It started with blueberries and home-cooking. Along with the body, the soul received some nourishment of its own. Special Gentleman and I met one of the world’s newest and most perfect little creatures. She was all button nose and wispy hair, perfect Sunday company. We followed the visit with a return to Love Hate by way of season three’s finale. Well that’ll bring you back to earth with a bang. Thankfully the dress was nondescript and comfy enough to work for every eventuality.

photo 3

What I Learnt

That I am spoilt and have the most generous family in the world. The number of times I have found myself writing ‘and then, low and behold, there was the dress I was dreaming about’ had been quite astonishing. It is not lost on me and I appreciate every single gift and love that I live in a family of surprisers.

That I need to admire less clothes when out with said family of surprisers.

That I should always have a cheese burger before I go out for dinner. They used to say a glass of milk would do it. I beg to differ.

Where It Will Go

Well, all to the ‘keeping’ rail of course! When I first wrote the title of this section I believed I would be well onto the howlers or the ball-gowns by now. I was sure I’d be struggling to find a stitch. But a month’s a very short time, no?


What The Special Gentleman Thought

‘Oh that’s so nice, I like that’. This was a spontaneous non-self conscious comment about my clothing on Saturday. He liked the outfit so much that he forgot what he says might end up here and so just spoke freely when he was so taken with my ensemble. Yes, Saturday – mom jeans and plaid shirt day. There’s a message in that. I’m off to bed though so probably won’t think about it too much.

x Irene x