The Closet Project: Days 23, 24 & 25

And here we are again, three days have passed since my last post and I’m utterly flustered trying to figure out what I wore and when. I blame Love Hate. It’s coming back you see. The whole country is a-buzz with Nidge this and Ra that. Only I hadn’t even see one episode. Until the weekend that was. Now I’m on series three and feeling jumpy and sleep deprived as a result. My evening blogging window has been hijacked by compulsive viewing and the fear of night terrors. I need to limit my intake. Still, great oul’ show all the same, hah?


The Threads I Wore

Day 23’s sunshine called for light and bright. This is a problem as I was sure I needed heavy and less-bright coming up on mid-September. Thankfully this little blue number winked at me from the wardrobe and suggested I take it for a spin. The thing is I was certain that I had worn this already and sort of remembered writing about it but I did a trawl of the posts and it seems not. Yippee! This is another gift from First Born Sister. It’s a Warehouse number that we spotted during some Christmas co-shopping. I loved the colour and the sheer cut detail, which sort of reminds me of the ‘20s. We barely spoke about the dress except to acknowledge its pretty existence and what do you know, come Christmas evening there it was under the wrapping. What a trickster!

photo 1

Day 24 started with one of my oldies but goodies: a cream lace mini dress from Topshop that I bought in Omagh during our annual Christmas trip up North to Special Gentleman’s family. It started off short but washing had absolutely brought it into obscene territory. These days it’s worn with tights only. The lace is starting to fray slightly too from over-use so I generally don’t wear it but don’t ever want to give it away. This was a good excuse to wear it again.

photo 1

Later I wore a 50s style skirt from Coast with a t-shirt from Miss Selfridge. I saw this skirt at the Coast SS14 preview and coveted it for ages afterwards. I love the bold colour, the big shape and the pockets. Yes, the pockets cinched it for me. It’s a pretty dressy number but this is kind of the stage we’re at in my wardrobe. I thought putting it with the grey tee would dress things down a little. Not sure that actually worked out.

photo 2

Day 25 saw a double outfit day again. It started with me wearing a navy light knit from Benetton (I dressed too early and thought the sun had left). I’m forever on the search for knits that don’t make me look like one big lump of wool. I think it’s my height and lack of lady lumps but Lordy, can a knitted top be unflattering on me! I wore it with a skirt from Penneys. I saw this skirt on one of the mannequins outside the car-park in Dundrum and I fell in love with the print. It was only when I investigated that I realised it was Penneys. When I took myself in to study the fabric I was delighted to find that, not only was it cotton, it was reduced to a fiver! That was about two years ago so I’m pretty confident I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

photo 2

In the afternoon I wore my newest old dress, a 60s Cresta scooter dress that Special Gentleman bought me for my birthday in July. I had indulged in an ebay trawl (I generally get totally consumed, losing hours of the day so have to limit my visits) and kept returning to this dress. It was deadstock so, although it was original Vintage, it was actually never worn. I’ll just have to take it on lots of adventures to give it a bit of history I guess.

photo 2

Why I Wore Them

Tuesday was a day of meetings and brainstorming, followed by an evening of previews. The sun was cracking the skies and I needed something to see me through from day to evening. My trusty little blue dress did just fine throughout. I wrapped up the day at the Dunnes Stores fashion show – their first in five years. I’ll do a post on it in the coming days … their shoes absolutely rocked and I am counting the days until they land. Well played Dunnes!

photo 2

Wednesday started with previews, meetings and – Alleluia – a hair cut! My hairdresser was found due to the great detective skill of my pal (and lots of other people we have never met!). I needed easy wearing that would see me through my multiple destinations and suit all engagements. The length of the skirt probably isn’t suitable for lots of engagements but my trusty tights kept me decent(ish).

photo 2

The afternoon saw me taking on a Stylists’ Challenge for Xpose’s new live show. It was against the clock in Dundrum Town Centre so we needed to be able to run, carry my phone, stay cool (in temperature and temperament) all the while not looking like I was dragged through a bush backwards. The skirt really requires heels so I brought them with me to change into for filming. In retrospect, the idea that I would have the time or inclination to do so is laughable. It made for quite the outfit: all teenager on top, debutant in the middle and nun on bottom. Not to worry, it wasn’t my own style being judged.

photo 1

Thursday started off with overcast sky and a nearby meeting ahead. I was sure that the skirt and knit was a perfect choice. I had not, however, envisaged the hour and a half traffic jam and baking sun that followed. Sheer hell. By the time I was driving home, I had stripped down to indecent measures, praying all the time not to find myself in any situations which required stopping the car near other drivers. I considered buying a paddling pool to jump into when I got home but then I remembered we still had a bucket from the ice challenge so dreams of that got me through.

photo 1

Later on I had to go to TV3 for a live interview which accompanied a new Trend Tackler feature that we had filmed a while back. As I didn’t know whether we’d be standing or sitting I decided that a dress with a longer hem was probably appropriate. As we were still experiencing the weather of the Bahamas, I decided to give the wedges another whirl. These are my absolute favourite footwear which I have been wearing for at least six years, if not more. They’ve seen better days but I shall continue to wear them until they make the decision to disintegrate on my feet themselves (probably a good job they didn’t make it to the Dundrum race).

photo 1

What I Learnt

That I have no less emotional attachment to my clothes than I did when I started (almost a month ago – aaaagh!!)

That carrying part of your outfit in a bag does not mean you’re wearing your outfit. I must learn to fully dress before leaving the house.

Pockets in skirts: you can’t beat that with a big shtick.

Where It Will Go

 The cream dress really does need to be retired. It’s not in good enough condition to be given away so, oh well, it looks like I’ll have to keep it.

Everything else will be put on the ‘worn’ rail which is now bending to the left under the weight of the clothes.

phone man

What The Special Gentleman Thought

He’s currently preoccupied considering my request for an extension. I’ve made a good case but he’s consulting on the decision.