The Closet Project: Day 22

Today was a tale of two counties. It was a tale of two climates. I left Dublin very early for a quick jaunt to Carlow. The sun was in the sky; the promise of that summer we keep stealing from India was in the air; the legs were bare. I arrived in Carlow approximately an hour later (sure it’s a great road). The sun was in the sky; the promise of snow was in the air; the hands were frozen into claws, blue and corpse-white. Now I’m no Meteorologist but even I knew that there was something queer strange in this weather happening. Does Carlow have a colder sun, is that it? By the afternoon I was supping tea on the balcony of my Dublin home, sharing with a friend remarks of delight and awe at the fierce hot weather we’re having. Factor-wearing weather it was, just an hour away from Carlow. Riddle me that.


The Threads I Wore

 My blue furry coat is from Zara and I was coveting it most of last winter, only to have it delivered by old St. Nic himself on Christmas day. He’s a great oul fella, as my mum would say. And stylish too. I was only delighted with myself and wore it (with a sadly-no-longer-here faux fur collar) day in, day out for months. The blouse is from A-Wear and I loved it for its flower appliqué and hair clashing colour. I never quite know if I love it when I’m wearing it but I never feel the desire to give it away either. I think I picture it on someone else when it’s on the hanger. Hard to believe A-Wear is no more really. The skirt is from Hong Kong label Nishe, the same brand as the orange tie love heart blouse I wore on Day 11, and bought in the same rush of blood to the head ASOS moment some time back. I like to wear them together. I think others might wish I wouldn’t.

photo 4

Why I Wore Them

Well honestly, I don’t mind telling you that I am sick to the teeth of creases. I never felt that strongly about them before (unless they were on my iron-allergic / thinks he’s a 17-year-old Uni student Special Gentleman – those creases give me rage). However, having seen a number of photos taken later in the evening or, in some cases, less than half an hour after I’ve gotten dressed, I see creases everywhere. I never see them on other people. Does everyone else carry a mini steamer throughout their day (I have one, I tried it before but hot steam applied directly to the clothes you’re wearing is never a good idea). No? So is it just me? Do I sit in a funny, crease inducing manner? Is it down to my weird double leg crossing? Because that’s gotten me in all sorts of face-plant trouble in the past too. Anyway, as I was taking a trip to Carlow very early this morning I was adamant that no creases would arrive at the destination with me. So I went for my trusty wool skirt for which I do not have one single memory of ironing creasing. I was confident in its stay-smooth abilities and it did not let me down. Either that or the random squares and coloured objects sewn into the skirt do a great job of distracting the eye. Winner!

photo 3

The coat was a last minute ‘just in case’ addition. Well you can imagine the thanking God I was doing the whole time there and during the journey back. ‘Thank GOD, I remembered this coat, huh? What would I have done without it, hey? I’d have been LOST without my coat today…’.

What I Learnt

To never, ever make weather assumptions based on the day previous / weather reports / feeling in your waters … particularly not if you’re planning to visit you-know-where.

To leave the tying of top buttons to giraffes.

Where It Will Go

Never to the ironing basket, that’s for sure.

photo 2

What The Special Gentleman Thought

 ‘It’s nice’.

I tell you what, I’ll be bringing out a book of quotes from him before this challenge is out.

x Irene x

P.S. If you do find yourself in Carlow, be sure to check out the fabulous Fussy Galore Vintage. Alas, it is closed on Mondays so I didn’t get a fix today but I hope to return very soon.