The Closet Project: Day 21

Blogging on the day of wearing… yes! I’ve finally caught up on myself and shall endeavour to continue in a similar fashion for the remaining ten days. Along with this I will be endeavouring to train daily and stick to a new healthy eating regime. I’m determined to get fit for the winter (as I usually get another three letter word beginning in ‘f’ and ending in ‘t’ at this time of year). If you are a subscriber and see daily posts to your inbox, you can be certain that I have failed miserably in at least one of the other two undertakings.


The Threads I Wore

This Vintage dress was one of the very few purchases I have managed to make at the Vintage Ireland bi-annual fairs in recent years. The fairs used to be in my diary for months ahead; my friends and I would count down the days to accelerated heart beats, manic stall circling, turbo trying on sessions and ultimately, buzzing highs which came from our ‘new’ Vintage purchases. Although I still have the desire to engage in all the aforementioned mayhem, I now work at the fairs so the opportunity to do so is, sadly, limited. The great news is I get to be part of the fabulous style team and engage with the Vintage in an entirely different way. Oh who am I kidding? I need my hit! This year, I’m showing up at birdsong with a mission in my heart and trainers on my feet. This will be the ultimate window-of-opportunity-shopping.

photo 2

Partly, I think, due to the fact that the Spring 2013 fair saw the event temporarily move home to The Burlington, I managed to bag me some free time and see what was on offer. I was still against the clock though so I had to be strategic. Once I had said my hellos and caught up with Vintage pals, I made a beeline for The 3rd Policeman stand. I love this Rathmines store for the immensely brilliant range of curios, antiques and Vintage, particularly their constant stock of wicked ’60s dresses. Their fair stock lived up to expectations and I found this dress just hanging on the rails, waiting to be loved. It was far too long (surprise, surprise) and I didn’t have time to try it on but I took a bet anyway. After a couple of alterations, I was happy that it fit. Ever since I’ve been thinking that perhaps I was a bit chop-happy with the length but, seeing as I usually wear it to festivals with wellies or elsewhere with tights, I generally don’t worry too much about it. Today I was reminded of what my Papa used always ask me on my way out the door as a teenager: ‘Are you getting the rest of that skirt for your next birthday?’.

photo 1

Why I Wore Them

For the sheer heck of it! The sun was out and it was a carefree Sunday. It met some friends with me; had some coffee with me; did some driving with me; walked the pier with me (and my neon trainers); made nice dinner with me; visited my folks with me… and it was darn good company throughout.

What I Learnt

What I *should* learn – to not write a post about one dress using as many words as that of three.

To only lift arms above your head when at an exercise class, wearing exercise attire.

That Jamie’s 15-minute meals take precisely 1 hour, minimum.

I have begun to speak like a ’50s hillbilly.

photo 4

Where It Will Go

This will go and hang with the ever-growing collection of ‘keepers’ on the soon-to-fall-under-the-weight rail. It’s a happy dress. We need happy clothes in our lives.


What The Special Gentleman Thought

‘It’s a great dress, it’s not too short at all’.

Followed soon by: ‘No you can’t climb up on that wall as the whole of Dun Laoghaire will get an eyeful’.

x Irene x

PS – pop November 9th in the diary for the next Vintage Ireland Fashion & Decor Fair, taking place once again in the Royal Marine hotel in Dublin.