The Closet Project: Days 18, 19 & 20

I literally have no idea how I’m writing about another three days. Where did they go? I blame the sunshine. That glorious, unexpected, welcome, soul-healing sunshine. I hope you’re out getting a fabulous vitamin D kick and enjoying our (dare I say?) Indian summer. I shall join you just as soon as I deal with this outfit backlog…


The Threads I Wore

As I’m doing a lot of writing at home this week I’m spending a lot of time in my training pants and hoodies before actually getting dressed properly. As one of the rules was that workout gear isn’t included in the challenge, this is incredibly foolish of me. I shall now leave sportswear to training (and ice bucket challenges) and will begin getting some of those trickier numbers out of the way whilst tied to my laptop. I digress. On to the threads…

photo 4

Thursday’s dress was bought during one of my beloved Vintage wanders around Melbourne’s Abbotsford. Actually I had walked so far I was definitely no longer in the neighbourhood I left from but I remember this day as one where I skipped along for miles, basking in the wealth of vintage around every corner. This particular shop was very small but beautifully curated so the clothes were easily viewed and admired. I was drawn to the appliqué on the neck and the long sleeves. When I tried it on the lady in the shop told me I looked like a 60s air-hostess. She obviously saw me coming. Of course I made the purchase instantly. It’s only now I’m thinking 60s Riverdance. Still, I do love it and it’s unforgiving fabric.

photo 1

I first found Friday’s dress during one of my final days in Williamsburg, last November. As I got lost on a mission trying to find a specific Vintage store, I found myself on a street that I hadn’t yet discovered. Never have I been so happy to possess my own unique sense of direction. Jane’s Closet had a window that winked at me and a welcome that sucked me in. It was the sort of store that I might like to own when I grow up. An eclectic mix of American and International designers, this was the store that looked like you could view it all in twenty minutes yet you found yourself there two hours later. This dress was one of a few I tried on and, although I loved them all, I’m a sucker for blue so home this one came with me.

photo 2

Saturday’s dress is from Fern Cotton’s Littlewoods Ireland range. I saw it at the SS preview a few months back and decided that I wanted that bit of fun, bonkers, shouldn’t really work, print combo in my life. Alas, on the night that I fell for its charms, the model wearing it was taller than me, browner than me, and did it far more justice than I ever could. Still, I like to throw it on for its ease and colour injection. It has a cut out at the top of the back too so that’s good for a bit of breezy when you need it. The jangly boots are back too.

Why I Wore Them

photo 2

On Thursday the temperature had risen and, as I was going to an outdoor event that evening, I reached for a little white Vintage number that has not seen the light of day in a few years. Truth be told I didn’t think it would still fit so I was politely ignoring it with every wardrobe clear-out. Anyway I took my chances – I was going to the DFF Young Designer of the Year event so even if it looked awful, you could just pretend it was on purpose. Special Gentleman joined me for the show which is a very rare occurrence for such events. Actually he got quite into it and was most impressed (as was I) with the incredible production set up outside at College’ Green’s BOI. He was also loving the dramatic showcase and decided that he himself brought the good luck which lead to fellow Nordie, Ciaran Gormley, winning the coveted honour.  I must be sure to get in touch and let him know.

photo 3

I wore my blue collared dress into town on Friday night where I caught up with a styling pal in Bagots Hutton. We dropped in for a cheeky vino pre-fashion show only to find it’s not really what you do there any more. The layout has changed and it’s mostly diners occupying the tables. In fact, they were going to have to throw us out at 7pm if we hadn’t already left. That’s a success story, folks. We promptly made our way to Powerscourt for the DFF Creative Quarter show which is always my favourite of the festival which features some of my most loved shops. Dirty Fabulous, Om Diva, Jenny Vander… it was dream team of boutiques showcasing their fabulous and eclectic styles. Powerscourt looked amazing and the buzz was only mighty. It’s great to watch these shows with the business owners themselves – I imagine from their faces that it’s something like watching your first born come down dressed for their debs. All emotions and sartorial pride (unless your child was going to a debs in the 80s).

photo 1

What I Learnt

That I need to return to blogging every day – it took me about an hour to remember what I wore four days ago.

‘If you haven’t worn it in six months, get rid of it’ = utter codswallop.

That bringing a non-fashion related person to a show is both amusing and refreshing.

Where It Will Go

I’m keeping it all and not even justifying it.


What The Special Gentleman Thought

I seemed to only listen to him on Thursday…

‘Oh yes, that’s a great dress – haven’t seen it in ages. You’re like the flag holder of the marching bands’.

‘How on earth would they go to the toilet in that dress?’

‘Why, when we’ve just come from a fashion event full of selfies and posing, would you choose the 11 bus stop as your backdrop for today’s photo?’ Who knew a photographer would be so embarrassed having an audience when taking a couple of snaps? Still, at least he had the goodie bag treats to munch on during the trip home. There’s nothing a bit of Galaxy can’t overcome.

x Irene x