The Closet Project: Days 15, 16 & 17

Days 15, 16 & 17… how did that happen? We’re well and truly into the second half of the project and all is not well. I’m already appealing for extensions and looking for hiding places. Perhaps you could ‘borrow’ an outfit or two from me, only to return in come November? Whatever the solution, something has to give. Who knew it would take so many clothes to prove one has nothing to wear?


The Threads I Wore

On Monday I wore a dress that was gifted to me from Littlewoods Ireland a few months back. We were shooting a Style Clinic for Xpose and they asked me to choose something to wear during filming. I went with this as it ticks the short hem / long sleeve boxes; the print reminded me of the screen that used to appear on TV before programmes began (or so they tell me, those older folk). As I had to order online, I didn’t have the opportunity to try it on and it’s actually probably a size too big. I was wearing it the day it arrived so didn’t have time to exchange it but sure it did the jobie. They then kindly said I could keep it. I’ve worn it lots but have just never gotten around to getting it taken in. Soon.

photo 2

Tuesday saw me donning an old favourite that I haven’t worn in at least a year or two – it’s another from Laundry Room. I really liked the cut of this dress and, as I’m not into really dark colours, the polkas added suitable fun for this mature dresser. I must try to find out what became of the Laundry Room designer as I really loved their retro aesthetic. Hopefully they’re enjoying great success in an equally stylish endeavour! (Yes I realise that this photo shows no evidence of the dress – there’s another photo below). The coat is by Darling and was bought for me by my older sister a few years back from the Kilkenny shop. We both saw it in the Weekender magazine and decided that if I could have designed a coat for myself, this would have been it. I was broke and therefore expert in quickly forgetting about anything I was coveting . On Christmas morning I was presented with a blue Darling coat shaped pressie. The Dublin store had been sold out and she had taken to the phones to found that the Kilkenny shop in Cork had it so she organised it to be posted to Dublin. That’s a good sister…

photo 2

By the hump of the week I was I starting my day in PJs at the computer (for longer than planned) but alas, I have no photo of this. Rest assured they were flannel, flowery and incredibly stylish. When I did get dressed it was in a state of confusion – I was feeling chilly and yet the sun was beaming down. As I thought it was my last chance to wear it, I chose a white smock dress Topshop that joined me at Glastonbury, my birthday and a couple of other great outings this summer. I didn’t want to let it go for the winter without saying goodbye to my fun friend. To combat the chill, I donned one of my favourite coats which I bought approximately 10 years ago in Cow’s Lane Market (I had actually just bought a coat in George’s St Arcade minutes before but I loved this so much that I had a moment of madness and bought this one too). I describe the coat as grey and pink; everyone else describes it as green and pink. Since finding out that I believe this coat is grey, my sister has diagnosed me with colourblindness. Not the greatest conclusion for a stylist. She told me that she used to think I was quite quirky with my colour combinations but she now realised that they weren’t actually intentional – I just didn’t know what it looked like. It was the same sister that bought me the blue coat though so I suppose we’ll just let that one go.

photo 5

Why I Wore Them

Monday saw me prepping and researching from home, with a trip into town to pull final looks. This meant sitting, running for buses, meeting with clients and lots of chocolate. I needed comfort, tights and a dress with a collar. Some days only a dress with a collar will do. As it was a Monday, colour was essential also.

photo 4

Tuesday had me rising incredibly early (following a night of listening to my new student neighbours raving, laughing, drinking, crying, flighting – thanks for that) to make my way to TV3 for Ireland AM. To celebrate Dublin Fashion Festival and the arrival of Kilkenny’s AW14 collections, we were showcasing the hero pieces from their Irish and International designers – have yourself a peek at the outerwear and office wear features. I wore a Lennon Courtney dress for the interview but it was my old Laundry Room dress that took me to and from Ballymount. I wanted a one-garment outfit, something that slipped on and off easily (for changing, you understand) but was half way respectable. And could be worn with flats. In retrospect I’m not so confident it could be worn with flats (can anyone say ‘cankles’?). Excuse the red eyes and puffy face. Hopefully the brilliant blue distracts.

photo 1 (1)

My first appointment that required clothes on Wednesday was a visit to my Aurora pals for the press launch of Warehouse’s AW collection. The clothes were fab with lots of daytime glitz which I always think is just right for dreary winter days. We must aim to be fabulous in the bleakness, darlings! My favourite piece was a leopard coat which I shall wait patiently to arrive in stores in November. It’s a coat to get in trouble in – can’t wait. The rest of the day consisted of meetings and then onto the first show of DFF in Kilkenny. Although I should have taken the opportunity to wear a second outfit I stayed in the dress / coat / flats combo and enjoyed the show immensely – not only because of the production itself but also due to the absence of any heavy coat or too high shoes. Amazing how much temperature dictates my happiness.

photo 3 (1)

What I Learnt

Blue tights are probably not an every-wardrobe-essential. Unless of course you’re looking to bulk up your legs / aim to make them resemble draft excluder snakes.

That getting your photo taken every day gets old rather quickly.

That I have a coat problem.

Where It Will Go

 Dress one – to the tailors. Dress two – perhaps the charity shop. Ok perhaps the charity shop bag that might never make it to the charity shop. Coat one – on my back for lots of the coming months. Dress three – the summer suitcase. Coat two – on my back until it gets too cold and reinforcements are required.

What The Special Gentleman Thought

What an interesting little Gentlman he is! He mostly ignored what I was wearing on Monday (actually I think he was just ignoring my stressed self); Tuesday saw him mention only the Lennon Courtney dress which I wore for filming (he liked it); Wednesday he told me that he was very glad I wore this dress as he would have hated for me to not include it and thus have to give it away. Apparently it’s his favourite – this relatively plain, uneventful little cotton number. That’s his favourite! He then proceeded to tell me that , had I not gotten around to wearing it, he would have let me keep it anyway. He might have mentioned that one before I took up an entire day wearing it…

x Irene x

PS – have you been to any of the DFF events yet? There’s such a great buzz around town – you should definitely try and check it out over the weekend.