The Closet Project: Days 13 & 14

This weekend was a weekend that I had looked forward to like none other. Plans were few, time was abundant and unwanted commitments zero. That’s what I’m talking about…

Vintage weekend

The Threads I Wore

This blue plaid print dress is from Awoke Vintage in Brooklyn; a gift from my brother and sister-in-law (yes, I’m spoiled!). I wrote all about it in a previous post so you can read its story here. The bag and belt are both from Vintage markets; the now-wrecked boots are from Topshop; the cheesy grin is all my own.

photo 3

This dress if from Shotsy Vintage in Dublin. I bought it as a little birthday gift to myself a couple of summers ago during a heatwave. I saved it to wear on my birthday which I was spending at The Comedy Festival. Although there was a slight chill in the air on that day, I remained optimistic and wore it (minus a jacket, thermal, cardi etc.). By the time I finished brunch, the heavens had opened. By the time I made it in to Iveagh Gardens, the dress was transparent. I’ve made better underwear decisions since its first outing. Still, all those copping an eyeful had paid for a laugh…

photo 1

Why I Wore Them

The only note in my diary for Saturday was the reminder of my booking for The Lost Fashion History of Merrion Sq. walk, taking place as part of Heritage Week. This was being given by the brilliant Ruth Griffin. Among other things, Ruth is a fashion historian, blogger, the other half of The Vintage Sessions and, most importantly a wonderful pal. The walk was an amazing trip back in time as we visited past homes of Merrion Square’s most stylish residents. Some of those on the walk were just as colourful as the subjects! Nothing like a bit of common interest to get people sharing their great stories. I was conscious that we would be walking outside so I didn’t want to be roasting nor did I want to be cold! I decided this dress (with a sneaky slip underneath), along with my hat, would suffice as insulation. It was touch and go at times with the goosebumps making a few appearances but I think having the head covered saved the day. By the way, Ruth’s blog, has been nominated for the Best Lifestyle Blog in the blog awards so be sure to check out her great writings and to give her a vote.

Irene and ruth

On Sunday I was having serious Electric Picnic withdrawals, particularly with the sun beaming down and the coverage on the TV the night before. Instead of fields and music, however, I enjoyed brunch and catch ups, all the while wearing the dress that I should have would have worn jumping around to Outkast whilst drinking warm beer. There’s nothing quite like a shift dress to allow you throw on, go and do as you like for the day. It would have looked great with some boots and mud…

photo 3

What I Learnt

That older ladies love a bit of lippy. I got a number of compliments from my fellow walkers on Saturday. These were seriously elegant ladies so I was hugely flattered. I put it down to the red lips. One (fellow Irish) lady asked me if I was Irish (no one in the history of time has ever needed confirmation). ‘YES’ I replied in surprise and delight (she must think I’m FOREIGN. Brazilian maybe?). ‘Oh really?’ she said ‘It’s just you look quite glamourous’. Em, ok.

That the dimply fabric of my shift dress is called Seersucker. ‘Oh I love your dress; it’s seersucker’ was the greeting from my Mama on Sunday. I had originally thought it was a groovy new word that I could adopt to impress the kids. Instead of ‘oh, heeeey, your look is so flyyyyyy’, I’d be all ‘guuuurl, your look is SO Seersucker’. But no, it’s the name of the fabric. I’m still delighted to have the word in my life.

Where It Will Go

The blue dress is missing a button so it shall go to the alterations basket and await my return from the haberdashery store.

Looking at today’s weather, the shift dress may well be joining those skimpy folk in the summer pile.

cannes 1950s

What The Special Gentleman Thought

Blue dress: ‘Oh yeah, lovely dress’.

Shift dress: ‘Oh great, you should be in St. Tropez; definitely on a boat anyway’. Amazing how differently we can interpret outfits.

x Irene x