The Closet Project: Day 9, 10, 11… and sure we’ll throw in 12 for good measure

Well I knew it was going to be a busy few days but Lordy, that was just ridiculous. Thankfully I’m out the other end (albeit wondering if it was actually in fact a dream) and ready for some serious R&R this weekend. Picnic, what Picnic? I have far too much sleeping and vitamin popping to be doing…

Vintage picnic

The Threads I Wore

Day 9 – A black and gold spotted Ted Baker dress which was a gift from my lovely Mama & Papa last year. They’re a great pair with their choices! Being challenged in the bust department I needed to get the back taken in which took me a while to get around to (acceptance is the first step). When I did, however, the entire dress breathed a sigh of relief as it sat as it always wanted: fitted and flared. What more would you want to wear of a hectic Tuesday?

photo (7)

Day 10 – A little black and red floral 40’s style tea dress from Irish label Circus, courtesy of my pals in Carousel. They very kindly gifted me dresses from the range and I chose this one as the print reminded me of a dress that my sister and I both had when we were little. We were in France, on our first ever holiday, and we would get up early to put on our matching new threads and rush out to count the number of ants trying to access the gite, all before our folks were awake. Good times!

photo 2

Day 11 – A peach leather skirt from Maje which I bought with a voucher in BTS the year before last. I tried on two sizes in the skirt and couldn’t decide if there was much difference. Conscious that I didn’t want to be restricted (God forbid), I went with the larger size. Turns out there was a difference and this skirt is far too big. Every time I stand up or stop walking I find the pockets now positioned at the front and the arse, with my tights seam on show from my belly riiiiiight the way up. I also wore a fluffy jumper with extra large shoulder pads courtesy of River Island. Not forgetting the cami and tights… it was all about warmth. My 70s sunnies are from Screaming Mimis in NY.

photo 3

Day 12: I was topped off with a floppy hat that I bought recently in Notting Hill. It started raining and I not only had no umbrella but neither did I have hands for one was lugging a case and the other my handbag. I bargained with a trader and got it for a respectable £10. Sure I was delighted with myself. The cape is from The Manhattan Vintage Show when I visited last year. The blouse is by Nishe which I bought a coupe of years ago from ASOS. My jeans are from Urban Outfitters, again bought in NY. Phew! Think that’s the most amount of garments I’ve had at one time.

photo 3

Why I Wore Them

My Ted Baker dress was chosen as I was working an event in Cork and needed something that looked like a made an effort without actually having to – it also needed to bring me from very early day to very late night. A onesie simply would not do. Although my hair definitely showed that effort was low and exhaustion kicking in, the dress was still fitting and flaring, just as it promised to do.

photo (9)

The next day I had a similar outfit requirement so I was back to black with the red flowers soothing my soul. Although I thought it quite a demure offering, the day necessitated a lot of lifting and movement. The peephole at the front turned into more of a window at times and, although it wasn’t flashing anywhere particularly risqué, skin is skin. When I thought about (and set about) hanging my mic there to make up for lack of pocket options, my wise Limerick male colleague told me in no uncertain terms that it was indeed a terrible idea. So I kept the window shut (for the most part).

photo 1

On returning to Dublin at an incredibly early hour for what needed to be the swiftest turn around in history, I was mindful of the insane rain and cold that had scarred me in Cork so I took to the closet for some leather, tights and fluff (not forgetting the cami and tights). No temperature would get the better of me today when I had so much running around to do. By the time I got to my destination – which was, rather delightfully, an open top bus – temperatures had soared and the sun baked. Everyone offered me knowing smiles which read as ‘look at that feckin’ eejit dressed for snow’. Thankfully by the time I was having a girly family outing at Riverdance in the Gaiety that evening, the attire was becoming slightly more appropriate. I did sit in my cami when the theatre got hot but it was dark so the only ones laughing at me were my gorgeous nieces, and sure they’re always putting me in my place.

photo 1

 I thought it would be nice to have a memento of the evening so, after queuing for an insanely long time to get a shot in front of the Riverdance poster (no we didn’t quite know whey we were doing it either but it was popular so we wanted in), my sister took the below beaut of a photo. She’s available for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

photo (10)

Next it was a Friday which involved meetings and pulling looks so on every level it called for jeans. I’m almost half way through the challenge and have managed to hold off on using this card but I was seriously missing some high-waist-skinny-jean action. They’re just so comfy, so familiar, so reliable – down to the indent they leave on the sides of my legs at the end of the day – I always know what to expect.

photo 1

What I Learnt

To go back to taking photos first thing in the morning, even if it means the Nutriblast will be featured in every image. Days aren’t as long as you think. Time flies. Evening appearance leaves a lot to be desired.

To start saving now for Botox. What IS up with the constant surprised look on my face?

That there’s nothing quite like your favourite pair of jeans.

Where It Will Go

Lots of dry-cleaning and hand-washing action required so the majority of the above threads will go to that black hole.

I think it’s time to get the skirt taken in. If it begins to get tight at least I’ll know to lay off the chicken wings.


What The Special Gentleman Thought

 ‘It’s a lot to take in. I’ll just have to think about it’. He’s still thinking.

x Irene x