The Closet Project: Day 8

The world’s quickest blog post goes something like this…

Currently in Cork. For work, not pleasure (although I love my work!). No time to Vintage shop but shall be back soon. Journey down took about four hours and it felt like Armageddon. Weather making me less jealous of all those Picnic-bound. Ate a savage seafood chowder for dinner.


The Threads I Wore

So with all this rain hitting against my window last night, I thought it time to roll out the trousers. As you can probably tell by now I don’t actually own too many pairs of trousers so I may be peaking too soon but hey ho. From head to toe: Orange Lauren Mofatt coat from Anthropology. Another memento from our Burning Man trip the year before last. This was post-Burn and Special Gentleman found me wandering the shop floor in San Fran, wearing this coat and hugging myself. It was weeks before Christmas but we decided this was what Santa should bring. I managed to hold off wearing it until the 25th December too. Delighted with myself.

The shirt is from Vaudeville & Burlesque at Urban Outfitters (I’m seeing a pattern that I really wasn’t at all aware of) and I can’t remember anything about it. Well one thing, maybe. A few months back I tested the iron on the bottom of it. The fact that I was testing the iron means I really knew, deep down, that the iron was too hot. I lifted the iron and the bottom of the shirt came with it. Well sure that was what tucking in was invented for, eh? The trousers are courtesy of Warehouse and the shoes courtesy of Penneys.


Full disclosure – this is not an image of today. I wore this exact outfit some time back when I went to a fashion preview lunch in Harvey Nics. As weird happenings would have it, I spent the day with the same person I did today. I totally forgot to get her to take a picture of me so, when I found myself in the hotel room with a towel around my head and robe around my body, I realised that I was in the predicament. Then I became inspired… thanks Image Daily! As she does not know I’m sharing this image we’ll just keep it between ourselves, k?

I’m not actually wearing my bow today but that was another gift from my very generous brother and sister-in-law. It’s by Alannah Hill and it’s one of my favourite things that I own. I was once told I looked like Alice in Wonderland when I was wearing it. I mean really, what more would you want to hear?


Why I Wore Them

The rain, the journey (these pants are comfy!), the cold, the need to cover up my legs for everyone’s sake. I thought it was time for heels to be introduced or run the risk of forgetting how to wear them.

What I Learnt

That I have specific outfits for specific people.

Where It Will Go

All to the wardrobe. Except the blouse – it kind of scratches my hip where the iron shaped hole lies.


What The Special Gentleman Thought

He did comment but I can’t remember. I’m sure he said ‘I love colour’. It’s his standard line, particularly on a Monday.

Ok, ok… that was the quickest blog post ever to appear on this site. Still a record though. To make up for my misleading, I’ll share a link to a site which teaches you how to talk Cork. Enjoy!

x Irene x