The Closet Project: Day 5

Helloooo Friday! Being self-employed, it’s easy for your week and weekend to merge into one but this evening was the first night without plans in forever and I can’t get enough of it! Ok so I’m on my computer working but I’m doing so in pyjamas, with my feet up whilst consuming my fifth green tea of the evening. Hells yeah this is rock and roll. Tomorrow I’m going on a pub-crawl in Belfast so actually this is essential prep. On that note, as I may be feeling the effects of my sherry by the time I get to my abode for the night, I doubt I shall be blogging. I have just this minute decided that weekends shall be combined into a single two-day post. There’s a rare bit of decisiveness for you.


The Threads I Wore

Coming up to my birthday last year – as with every year – I spent my days listing all of the things I was thinking of requesting as my present from my Special Gentleman. I list aloud what is on my ‘maybe list’, discussing the pros and cons of each one with great consideration. He pretends to listen but is really a million miles away and will tune in precisely two days before said birthday when it’s time for him to actually start thinking about making a purchase. It’s a little dance; we repeat annually.


Last year, in the middle of our tango, I mentioned a Vintage dress that I had seen in Om Diva. It was a vague reference with little or no description. I decided to buy myself it as a birthday treat. I headed into Drury St., entered the fun house that is Om Diva, shot the breeze with the establishment’s fabulous ladies and proceeded to the basement in search of my dress. After initial panic, I found it hanging in a slightly hidden corner where I took the liberty of taking it down and bringing it in for a try on. I loved it. Following some back and forth where I modelled the dress for the aforementioned ladies, I skipped to the till to pay for my dress. ‘Oh, you’re getting it’ was the nonchalant response. ‘Well, yeah. Don’t you think I should?’ I mean… didn’t they LOVE it? I screamed (thankfully in my head only). Now, if you’ve ever been into this store you’ll know that enthusiasm levels are through the roof. This was a most unusual occurrence. It made me think twice. Perhaps I should hold it and consider for a day or two? Perfect idea, they told me. Somewhat downhearted, I left the shop wondering how bad I must have looked for them to discourage me from a purchase.

photo 2

The next day was my birthday and I was feeling delighted with life. I was taking myself in to buy that dress if it was the last thing I did. Needless to say, I’m sure, just as I was leaving the house, a very flustered Special Gentleman showed up from an ‘urgent’ message with a familiar pink bag which was home to a familiar pink print. Unbeknown to me, himself and a fair amount of the Om Diva crew had been in cahoots over a few days trying to establish to what dress it was I had been referring. In fairness, it wasn’t their most straight forward customer request. The first time I tried it on, the store was experiencing an unfortunate shoplifting incident so my trying on and twirling went totally unnoticed. The next time, the girls were super interested in what I was trying on but got totally confused when I came out chatting to them in an oversize, beige number which I was actually trying on for size for a costume project.  Then, when they finally established what dress it was I was coveting, they implemented some professional insulting tactics to ensure I didn’t get to buying it from under SG’s nose. You gotta love their skills. SG still asks after them by name. I have family that he couldn’t ask for by name…

photo (6)

Why I Wore It

 The dark clouds in the sky which greeted me this morning reminded me that time’s a running out on my window for feel-the-breeze-through-fabric dresses. Knowing I had some running around to do, as well as meetings and desk work to contend, all avenues pointed to this little number. Because it has stitching under the bust line it also gives the illusion of having some sort of fitting whilst being close on the comfiest thing I own. After initial fears of hypothermia in the morning, the clouds parted and the sun shone making me look like one of those people that always seem to be dressed absolutely appropriately with every weather eventuality. I’m obsessed by those people. I lose entire journeys intensely staring their direction in the hope of gaining their knowledge by osmosis.


What I Learnt

 That actually those people probably just get jammy on the days the weather matches their outfit.

That I have significantly less control of my rambling of a Friday evening.

That my right leg shrank to fierce shorter than my left since yesterday.

Where It Will Go

 Into the wardrobe but pushed way over to one side where it will likely live until Spring 2015. I’ll miss that bright little thing.

What The Special Gentleman Thought

‘Cute’. Pause. ‘Nice’. Pause. ‘I can’t comment on your style every day for a month’.

‘I’m not asking you to – just tell me what you thought of my outfit’

‘I thought your outfit was lovely’.

Told you it was all rock n’ roll around here.

 x Irene x