The Closet Project: Day 2

I really think I’ve gotten the hang of getting to the point. Watch me go.

Lady typing

The Threads I Wore

I started and ended the day in a floaty little number from Therapy that I bought in House of Fraser a couple of years ago. I have a thing for collars (you’ll see what I mean) and a thing for floaty (I hate to restrict my waistline when I don’t know what culinary delights may present themselves throughout the day). My mum told me that she had a very similar dress – minus the middle panel – in the 60s. I don’t think she was flashing or anything, I think the dress just came sans colour blocking. This makes me love this dress just a little more than when I first bought it. Secondly, I wore this the day after two of my best friends got married on what was, and is still considered, one of the funnest, funniest days of my life. We brush danced. Enough said.

photo 1

In between taking on and off the above dress, I managed to give another one an outing. I came across this one in Brooklyn when I ran away to New York for an extended visit last year. An event called the Vintage Crawl took place when I was there. Sure I’d have been mad not to take advantage of such a happening! One of the stores it brought me to was the newly opened second location for Fox & Fawn. I think the dress worked out at about €28. Also my Mama told me Sandy Shaw might have had the same one. You know that’s a keeper.

photo 1 (1)

Why I Wore It

Dress number one: I was styling today so needed to be feeling free for lugging bags, assembling rails, stretching to fix models headwear etc.. The lack of fitted features, and the long length (hey, it’s all relative), meant I could do all of the aforementioned with ease. I have a beat-up denim dress that I generally wear for such activity but as my office was today The Shelbourne, I decided not to let the side down. Plus that denim number is a bit of a comfort blanket – I don’t want to use that up too soon. The afternoon saw me in the offices of the ever-brilliant Pluto agency. Here they allow me to pretend I’m a real team member, include me in their fun activities but never make me do anything with budgets. Today they even took my photos for me. Great camera work as you can see.

photo 2 (3)

Dress number two: We were filming our Dirty Fabulous Xpose feature so it was the on-camera chat with the lovely Aisling that presented the perfect opportunity to get a second dress on. It was only appropriate that it would be Vintage. I can’t remember if I’ve worn it for an interview before but with the month that’s in it, I think such considerations have gone out the window. Plus, it matched the decor.

photo 2 (2)

What I Learnt

That I’m going to have to do less with my evenings if I want to continue blogging every night and still get in my essential eight hours.

That jumping off a silver box, no matter how nonthreatening the height, can still lead to flashing of pants if carried out with great vigour.

photo 3

That this bruise is going nowhere.

Where It Will Go

Back in the wardrobe and back in the wardrobe. I had kind of fallen out of love with the former dress but having spent almost a full day in it I was reminded of our history together and it brought back those all familiar feelings. Give your tired dress a spin again this weekend. You never know where it might lead.

What The Special Gentleman Thought

‘Ooh la la’. I asked him if he was just speaking French because he knew it would end up on my blog post. So far I’ve had no reply.

He’s a big fan of the green one which he viewed solely through photos today as I refrained from taking him to work with me. Ok I did, but that was later on.

man and woman at work

Here, there’s only 15 minutes of The Rose of Tralee left and I’ve spent the last two nights writing about my gunas when I should have been commenting on theirs. I’m off.

x Irene x