The Closet Project: Day 1

To streamline my diary of this project (apparently I have a tendency to ramble) I thought I’d give myself some headings to make my reporting, and your reading, a little simpler. I have to do this every day for a month folks. Restraint is required.


This morning my Special Gentleman dropped me into town for a meeting. En route, he asked ‘eh, what about those shoes – all those shoes under the bed, in the pack-things, they’re part of the bet too, right?’ That’s not happening. However, I think I shall give a mention to shoes / accessories the first time I wear them. I won’t bore you with repeats. On the subject of himself, I’ve decided to include a heading ‘What He Thought’. It’s half his project so it’ll be interesting to see what he actually thinks of what I wear.

The Threads I Wore

A 60s gold mini dress bought from The Harlequin, one of Dublin’s oldest Vintage stores. This was one of my first ever Vintage buys in Dublin and I reckon I have it a decade at least. It was massive when I bought it – and lots of people would say it’s not my colour – but I just loved the fabric and had a couple of visits between first sight and purchase (that’s when you know you really want it). Thankfully it was still there when I finally made my decision. I remember it being what I considered to be pretty expensive at the time but I have worn it to death (after the first few months when it sat in a bag waiting to to be brought to the tailors that is) and it’s still in great condition so I reckon it was definitely worth it.

photo 1

Shoes are from Purple Tag; they’re Clarks Hotel Image brogues with cut out detail and I’ve worn them all summer long with everything I own. To wear these shoes is to walk on clouds. The. Bomb.

My beautiful bag was a gift from my great brother and wonderful sister-in-law in Melbourne. They sent me a beautiful package for my 30th birthday and this was just one of the amazing, thoughtful items in it. It’s an Oroton metallic mesh Vintage bag, made in West Germany. It fits my wallet, sunnies, keys and phone so it’s all good! I probably use it more than I should considering its age but you know, it makes me happy!

photo 2 (1)

Why I Wore It

Well firstly, it’s one of my favourite dresses so there was no way I was risking forgetting about it before the month was up. Secondly, the weather is changing so I figured there mightn’t be too many bare leg days left. I wear it with tights if necessary but thought I’d rather it without. Actually, I must confess to wearing a thermal vest under it today – it’s about that time again when I turn rock & roll! Thirdly, today I was visiting the lovely Dirty Fabulous to carry out fittings for an Xpose shoot on which we are collaborating. I needed to be comfy and free – both of which I am in this dress. Also, I simply couldn’t visit those ladies without some original vintage on me, darling! I also wore it to Ikea and it seemed perfectly fitting there too.

photo 3

What I Learnt

That wearing a mini with a thermal is quite the experience! My top half was super toasty but when the breeze came… wowzer, there was some chilly cheeks taking the hit! Also, pervy Guinness delivery men really liked this dress too. This was clear from their revoltingly sleezy comment as I walked by. This never usually happens when wearing flats and no fake tan. Be advised ladies – we all need to be more careful out there. Next time I’ll wear a badge notifying of the thermal vest. That should do the job.

Secondly, I’ll need to ensure that just one item does not constitute an outfit for future days if I want any chance of getting through this closet (read: closets). One hanger down…


Where It Will Go

Back in the wardrobe my friend, back in the wardrobe 🙂 Well actually it’s going on a rail in the spare room where I’ve been instructed to put what I’ve worn to ensure everything in the wardrobe represents what’s left to wear (rule number 25). Someone ’round here’s becoming quite the Jobsworth…

What The Special Gentleman Thought

‘Gorgeous!’ came the reply. ‘What do you mean a sentence? What else do I need to say? Do I have to tell you what I think every day?’

vintage man confused

Right, I’m off to look up ‘streamlining’ and perhaps get some practice on the subject.

Hasta mañana…

x Irene x