The Beauty of New

I am a lady that loves old. Old stories; old clothes; old furniture; old postcards; old friends; old songs; old movies; old traditions; old photos; old style; old manners; old magazines; old letters; old …

Irene O'Brien Vintage Stylist Dublin Ireland

Today however, as I finally launch my shiny new website, I am reminded of the importance of new.

New can mean unfamiliar, fresh, unspoiled; all words that make me feel optimistic and eager. New is often the unknown and the unknown is, in my opinion, somewhere we don’t spend half enough time. Sometimes we avoid new as it draws too much attention to our endeavors. New hair ‘oh, fancy, new hair, won’t you attract all the boys’. New car ‘oh, new car, isn’t someone doing well for themselves’, new website ‘oh new website, let’s see what you have to say for yourself’. New can set a spotlight on yourself that you didn’t quite bank on shining. And there are times that you allow the imagined reactions of others to get in the way of your own evolution. The truth is though, your new should be for you, first and foremost.

Irene O'Brien Vintage Stylist Dublin Ireland

And then? New should be shared, especially with those that will be excited for you and particularly with those that will benefit from it. New house? ‘Oh great, when’s the housewarming?’. New job ‘Oh fab, when are we celebrating?’. New plans ‘Amazing, let’s have coffee and hear all about them?’ New can lead to wonderful changes. New dress – renewed confidence in yourself. New bike – an opportunity to explore. New treadmill – healthier lifestyle (for at least a week). The important thing about ‘new’ is to embrace it, celebrate it, nurture it and share it. Make sure that when you remember the current ‘new’ in time to come that you do so fondly and with satisfaction.

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All of those old things that I listed before were, at one time, new. I don’t love them just because they are old but I love specific versions of each of them because they were once new and fabulous. They have stood the test of time and are still utterly wonderful, in my mind at least.

I really do hope that you like the new website. I still have to finish some sections that don’t have full content just yet; I will do that over the weekend. For now, I was so keen to get it live and start blogging again that I just thought ‘to hell with it’. Chasing perfection ruins many a day. Sure aren’t we all just a work in progress anyway?

construction-empire-state-building-23 (1)

My plans for the site include new interviews, new videos, new articles, new musings and new news of Vintage happenings. And then we can look forward to new being old, and loving it all over again.

Enjoy this sunny/ rainy weekend where anything is possible. Chat soon – and more often – here.

Irene xXx

PS – HUGE thanks to the wonderful Tammy of YAY Social for working so hard on my new site. She has been so enthusiastic throughout (even with the many delays). Wonderful person to work with and I could not recommend her more highly. See more of her work here.