A Prudent Vintage Vixen

It’s yonks ago now but I just unearthed this post that I forgot to publish and thought ‘what the heck!’… better late than never.

Irene O'Brien Vintage Stylist Fashion Styling Dublin Ireland

Earlier in the year I received a call asking if I would consider being featured in Prudence Magazine. Lovin’ me a bit of Prudence mag of an afternoon, I was totally flattered and didn’t ask too many questions, just let them know it sounded fun and I was in. On reflection, I probably should have listened a bit closer as it soon became apparent that the photos accompanying the article would be of my home. My home; my little, modest, oh-so-personal, home. Sometimes I don’t even like my Special Gentleman being around the place and he lives here. What on earth would they photograph? How will this be interesting? Would the photographer and editor meet by the water cooler and titter about the range of human names bestowed on far too many of my dwelling’s objects?

Irene O'Brien Vintage Stylist Fashion Styling Dublin Ireland

Apparently this is quite a normal reaction. People say the eyes are the windows to the soul but in actual fact, the windows are the windows to the soul. It’s why we all love to snoop – we really believe you can tell it all there is to know about someone by where they lay their head. Anyhow, once I got over myself (and became too busy to give it any more thought) I bloomin’ well enjoyed the whole thing. Think of a ‘you’re having friends round for dinner’ house-clean over a regular ‘it’s Saturday morning and must be done’ house-clean and you’ll know the spring-clean that got underway ’round these parts; the kind that has you sitting on the floor surrounded by 200 photos that you forgot existed only to be in the exact same position 2 hours later. I began to look upon my little abode in a whole new light. It posed some nagging questions such as ‘what do my surroundings say about me?’ ‘can you ever have too many books on Vintage style from around the world?’ and ‘am I a Nana’?. Answers: ‘who knows’, ‘no’, ‘definitely yes’, in that order.

Irene O'Brien Vintage Stylist Fashion Styling Dublin Ireland

Anyway as you can see the photos turned out lovely and made the place look way bigger than it actually is so that’ll be good for advertising on Daft if we decide to move!

Thanks so much to the Prudence for thinking of this Vintage Vixen.