Vintage Diaries: Irene Meets Zoe

 It’s been a-long time a-comin’ but I’m delighted to share with you the first of my ‘Vintage Diaries’.

Being the massive fan of Vintage that I am and pretty inquisitive to boot (read: nosy), I’ve been wanting to shoot a series of interviews with fellow Vintage lovers around the country for some time now. When someone is wearing a Vintage piece the questions go far beyond the usual ‘where did you get it / how much / do they still have it?’  Be it told or not, Vintage clothes always have a story. Perhaps this is the reason those Vintage pieces seem to bring out the story-teller in their latest owner. I’m constantly regaled with tales of how people came to own their Vintage, what the circumstances were surrounding its sourcing, what country they were in when they did so, who it was that told them they looked wonderful in it. And so the thinking behind these Diaries was to have Vintage lover share with us a selection of their favourite Vintage pieces, telling us the background to owning the Vintage and why they’re so special to them.

Besides having my all-time favorite name for a Vintage establishment, Horse & June also has the incredibly talented Zoë Wong at the helm who very kindly agreed to be my first Diaries guest and in doing so made my day! I was so chuffed to have her on board anyway as I had experience of her warmth through visiting her then Drury St store and her humour from reading her great Horse & June blog. Still, I was totally blown away by  Zoë’s ease, charm and generally loveliness which made the first of my interviews such a pleasure to conduct.

And the Vintage? My oh my! You can see the pieces in all their fabulousness on the interview below where Zoë talks inheriting style, the importance of travel and why these particular Vintage pieces mean so much …

Irene meets Zoe



With massive thanks to the uber-talented Paul Mahon of Geppetto for filming, editing and showing great patience with this Luddite the whole time!