Vintage Queens’ Guide to Dublin

Good evening Vintage lovelies…

So it was well over a month ago since the article I’m referring to was published but I was on my festival holliers at the time and forgot to share it here. Today I remembered and thought ‘I shall rectify this evening’!

I’ve been a massive fan of UK online magazine Queens of Vintage forever and was delighted to be taken on as a contributor this summer.

For my first article I gave readers the lowdown on Vintage shopping in my lovely city of Dublin.

Irene O'Brien Vintage Stylist Dublin Ireland

I adore going in to town; I’m always in and out of the many Vintage stores but this was a fabulous opportunity to reconnect with all of those stores that I love so much and to look at them through the eyes of a first-timer again. Dublin Vintage rocks!

You can view the full article here. Is your favourite included?

Oh! I’m now working on other guides: one for the rest of Dublin and another for the best of Vintage around the country.

Be sure to share with me your secret gems; I’d love to experience them as a first-timer… for the first time.

With Vintage Love,

Irene xXx