Destination: London W1. Time of Arrival: 1960s

This morning I’m losing myself in the sunshine that’s visiting me through the window as I write and daydreaming of where I’d like to be.

Namely Carnaby St, London …  in the early 1960s.

Perhaps the 1960s weren’t all that Swinging. Perhaps Carnaby St turned into a parody of itself, a predictable tourist trap lacking originality. Perhaps it’s the rose-tinting of glasses that leaves us observing from this century with such fondness.

For now though I want to revel in the fantasy of it all … the pushing of boundaries, the exciting new music, the joys of Biba, Mary Quant and Foale & Tuffin, the freedom of expression.

All the while wearing a minidress too short and eye makeup too heavy. Bliss.