Vintage Musings: Miss Daisy Blue, Cork

We’re heading south again for our Vintage Musings. This one is courtesy of Breda Casey, owner of the wonderful Miss Daisy Blue – the store that single-handedly began my love affair with the city. True story.

If you missed my original post regarding the lady that is Miss Blue, you can read it here.

For now though, just enjoy some wise words on choosing Vintage, dream finds and keeping the some things close to your chest…



I:  When did you first become interested in ‘Vintage’ ?

MDB:  I grew up in a house filled with family heirlooms.  My parents held on to everything so I guess that sparked an interest in all things vintage.


I:  Who was your style icon growing up?

MDB:  My style icon growing up would have been my mother.  She had an amazing collection of clothes from the 50s and 60s.  Luckily she kept everything so now I can enjoy them too.


I:  It must be amazing to have them. When did you first know you wanted a career in fashion? How did this evolve?

MDB:  I think it came from my time working in an interiors shop.  I learnt a lot about display and aesthetics during my time there.


I:  So what was it that first sparked the idea to open your own Vintage store?

MDB:  I had always thought I would love my own vintage shop but it was only when I saw that the perfect unit had become available that I felt it was now or never!


I:  Did you have the name before the building?!

MDB:  No the building first!  It was only after the place started to take shape that the name came to me.  There is a story behind it but I keep it to myself!


I:  Drat! What was your vision for Miss Daisy Blue at that time?

MDB:  I had a few ideas, some of which are still a possibility, but most importantly a place where you could pick up beautiful original vintage pieces.


I:  How did you take the first steps to achieving that?

MDB:  The first step was sourcing stock, I felt once I had good stock the rest would follow.


I:  Were there any existing Vintage stores in Cork at that time or were you one of the first?

MDB:  Cork has always had a loyal vintage following.  There has been many great vintage shops in Cork throughout the years.  At the time Miss Daisy Blue opened Positively 8 Street was also trading from the Market Parade.


I:  What were the greatest joys and biggest challenges that you encountered along the way?

MDB:  The greatest joy is finding that amazing piece that you don’t want to part with!  The challenging part is finding clothes which are in good condition or if damaged can be repaired.


I:  What is your favourite thing about owning a Vintage store?

MDB:  Definitely the people you meet!  We get some great characters in the shop.


I:  In what eras does Miss Daisy Blue specialise – what are those characters looking for?

MDB:  Miss Daisy Blue has stock from the 1930s right up to the 80s but our main focus would be on the 1950s and 1960s.


I:  What’s the most popular type of vintage clothing at the moment?

MDB:  Well looking at the trends for 2012 I would say that lace will probably be a good buy and pastels seem to be a big feature.


I:  What dress from by-gone eras do you wish you had in Miss Daisy Blue?

MDB:  I would love something from Grace Kelly’s wardrobe!  She had some amazing pieces from the designer Helen Rose who also designed her wedding gown.



I:  Are there any big plans for Miss Daisy Blue … can you improve on perfection?!
MDB:  We recently opened a pop-up shop for the Christmas period; it was great to be able to have more stock on display and definitely something I would love to do again.


I:  Two of my all time favorite dresses from my Vintage wardrobe were bought in Miss Daisy Blue. How do you decide what to buy and what to leave? Is it difficult?

MDB:  Yes it is very difficult!  You are guessing what other people will like and if there are any damages can they be repaired.  There are some things I do regret leaving behind!


I:  Who is the Miss Daisy Blue customer?

MDB:  Miss Daisy Blue customer is very varied!  We have teenagers and grandmothers coming into us.  I think she definitely has a love of fashion beyond the mainstream.  I also find a lot of our customers have a real appreciation of fabrics and finish on a garment.


I:  What are your tips for buying Vintage?

MDB:  Try it on!  Sizes in vintage can be very decieving and something that looks very simple can have an amazing cut.


I:   And finally, what are your top three Vintage stores in the country?

MDB:  We are very lucky here in Cork we have some great places for vintage and all the vintage shops enjoy a good relationship with each other.  I often would go in to Mercury Goes Retrograde, Mary Jo has a great eye and I picked up some lovely gifts there over Christmas.  We also have Turquoise Flamingo, who also has some great pieces including a vintage inspired own label.  Peacock and Ruby are great for vintage brooches and vintage earrings.  We are spoiled for choice!


Very loyal – I like it! Thanks so much to Breda. I’m very much looking forward to visiting again soon.


Miss Daisy Blue is located at in Market Parade, 51/53 Patrick St. Right next to the English Market … yummy!