Say Hello To My Little… Screen Siren

Happy New Year, my Vintage lovelies!

I’m not sure for how long you’re meant to continue with that greeting but I feel it brings a little (likely forced) cheer to probably the most cursed month of the year. I mean honestly, have you read some of those FB updates this week? A little joy people please … and we’ll be happily skipping into Spring in no time.

I’m currently researching costumes for a show I’m involved in and, rather than make any actual progress on this, I have spent most of my afternoon gorging on images of leading lady costumes from old (and not so old) movies.

Although there were certainly more show-stopping numbers from my perusing today, you just really can’t pass Michelle Pfeiffer’s Elvira Hancock wardrobe in Scarface for sizzling sartorial brilliance. A masterclass in plunging necklines, these absolutely come under the It’s The Way You Wear Them category. She brings assertive sexiness to a whole other level whilst doing wonders for the promotion of smoking and cocaine (that’s a joke folks… don’t let January zap that GSOH now).

I mean, COME ON!

 And I’m SO tempted to get her long fringed bob – probably not going to look quite the same with a red fro but God does love a trier.